Meteor Trails for Safer Rails and Smoother Sails

In this application, the Dytran Model 30305B,  which is a miniature IEPE piezoelectric accelerometer is used in vibration and thermal cycling test chambers to test wireless technology.  It uses ionised meteor trails to propagate radio signals for long range communications.

This method has proven to be an extremely effective and reliable alternative to satellite communications for the marine and rail industries. Firstly, meteor trails are in the earth’s atmosphere.  Secondly, they reflect radio frequency signals between two locations.  Thirdly, Meteor burst communications provide long range, low data rate messaging across vehicles, locomotives, marine vessels, air craft, and remote hydro -meteorological stations. The 3030B5 sensor tests electronic components in test chambers that combine vibration and thermal cycling.

Dytran’s robust 3030B5 miniature IEPE piezoelectric accelerometer  was specifically designed as a control accelerometer for HALT/HASS chambers, and has a shorter discharge time constant allowing for better thermal stability.

The Dytran series 3030 series of  miniature IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers, weigh in at just 7.2 grams. Available with a 10 mV/g sensitivity and 500g sensing range. Above all, a rugged stainless steel construction.  It is available with an abbreviated low–end frequency response as low as 2 Hz. This ensures sensitivity stability during rapid thermal transient conditions. Finally, hermatically sealed to provide reliable operation in high humidity and dirty environments.

  • Stainless steel
  • Hermetic
  • IEPE


  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Vibration control
  • General purpose vibration monitoring

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