New Rugged Embedded Computer

New Rugged Embedded Computer – Field Tested, Failsafe and Long Life Performance in Extreme Conditions!

Feature rich Crystal Group Embedded Computer Systems are powerful, compact and rugged. Completely and easily configurable, the embedded product line boasts advanced thermal management and an all-aluminium chassis.

With Crystals innovative solutions the RE1014 is part of the portfolio of rugged and industrial computing products. Engineered and tested to withstand challenging environments.  Which meet and exceed military and industrial standards.  Providing the latest COTS technology and benefits, such as cost, availability, upgradability, and flexibility.

Field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and harsh environments. Crystal Group Embedded Computer Systems follow the Intel® Roadmap to ensure access to the latest, powerful Intel chipsets and processors.

The RE1014 Rugged Embedded Computer has a compact construction with a footprint of just 6.096 x 41.91 x 27.94cm, it comes in panel or rack mount options.  With power dual and Quad Core 17 CPU options, and up to four SSD hard drives. Billet construction from milled strain hardened  6061T651 structural aircraft aluminium.

When a computing application requires a custom solution, Crystal Group delivers – on time and on budget- With professional services, including product design and development, testing, systems engineering and integration, mechanical and electrical engineering, configuration management, and product lifecycle planning.

Finally, with dedicated support of Crystal Group & Metromatics expert staff and global network, fast and effective support is provided when and where needed!

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