6U VPX Graphics Module VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-CV

WOLF’s Model VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-CV is a 6U VPX Graphics Board. It contains dual NVIDIA Quadro Turing Graphics Cards which enables amazing GPGPU parallel processing with 22 TFLOPs and 768 Tensor Cores. Plus a WOLF FGX Video conversion processor.

With its impressive processing power, it is an excellent choice for Aerospace and Defence Applications. Such as AI Inference, Deep Learning, Radar, Autonomous Vehicles, High performance Image Processing, Parallel Processing, ISR and EW.

Choose your level of ruggedisation from the choice of Rugged Air Cooled or Conduction Cooled Models

The WOLF VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-CV (WOLF-234A) is a Rugged 6U VPX Graphics module.

Firstly, it consists of two NVIDIA Quadro Turing RTX5000 embedded GPUs and a WOLF FGX. The RTX5000 has CUDA cores for parallel processing, Tensor cores for AI Inference and ray tracing cores for rendering at high speeds. The WOLF FGX provides video conversion to SDI and analog formats which aren’t native to the GPU.

Key Features of the 6U VPX Graphics Module VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-CV are:

  • Two NVIDIA Quadro Turing TU104 with 22 TFLOPS, 6144 CUDA Cores, 768 Tensor Cores, 96 RT Cores
  • 32GB GDDR6 256-bit memory
  • WOLF FGX provides support for additional video formats such as SDI and CVBS Module
  • Power 100-300W
  • 8 Independent DisplayPort 1.4 Outputs


The board implements PCIe x 16 Gen 3, with flexible, highly configurable PCIe interfaces, supporting a variety of OpenVPX profiles enabling a broad range of bridge link configurations.

The NVIDIA RTX5000 Graphics Board supported by a high level of ruggedisation. WOLF’s advanced cooling technology removes heat using a highly efficient pipeline from the GPU die to the wedge locks and is available as Conduction Cooled or Air-Cooled options. This allows it to perform in the harshest of environments. Such as temperatures from -40° to +85°C, be exposed to 10G peak vibrations and survive shock (30G Peak for Air Cooled, 40G Peak for Conduction Cooled)

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