AXM-A75: Multi-function I/O for PMC & XMC FPGA.

The AXM-75 is a multi-function I/O module that adds A/D, D/A, and digital I/O signal processing functions to an FPGA board. These extension I/O modules plug directly onto many Acromag reconfigurable FPGA cards equipped with an AXM mezzanine connector.

Analogue Input – There are sixteen differential analogue input channels on the AXM-A75. Each input has its own high-speed 16-bit A/D converter offering the ability to simultaneously sample all channels.
Analogue Output – Two quad serial input DAC devices drive eight analogue output channels. Each channel has its own high-speed 16-bit D/A converter allowing simultaneous updates to all outputs.
Digital I/O – Sixteen bi-directional digital I/O channels provide the ability to monitor and control discrete devices. Each I/O channel is individually configurable as an input or output for great flexibility to match your requirements

With an operating temperature: -40 to 85°C

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