A. Kiaro! Fast Ink Jet Colour Label Printer

Providing colourful, professional labels when you need them

The Kiaro features include:
– Colour Rich 1200 dpi
– Table Top Ink Jet Printer
– Up to 8 inches per second
– Low Running Costs & Easy to Maintain
– No waste of Labels between batches
– Removes need of Pre Printed Labels in your store – you print them as you require them”

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The Kiaro! is an ink jet colour label printer that provides excellent print quality at high speeds from QuickLabel Systems. This ink jet colour label printer allows you to design & print your own professional looking labels as you require them.  It therefore provides more flexibility in the packaging of your own products.  Consequently, there is less requirement for you to store different invalid pre-printed label stocks – saving you money.

It has been designed for manufacturers and processors who require labels to market immediately (7,200 labels per hour for 3” x 4” sized label). Metromatics proudly sell service and support all of the Quicklabel’s product range in Australia and New Zealand and we have been doing so for over 25 years.

Why you can’t say no to the Kiaro! Ink Jet Colour Label Printer – Benefits


  1. Cut Label CostsInstead of storing pre-printed labels in your stockroom until they are obsolete. Digitally print your own labels in short-run batches as you need them. Control Costs by printing only what your need and spend money only when you print. A great feature of the Kiaro is the Economy Print Mode Option which reduces the amount of ink used on each label (saving 15-18%) while still looking great at a 1200 dpi resolution – the labels just look “lighter”.
  2. No Wasting Labels
    The Kiaro! is unique among all other digital colour label printers as it prints on the first label without the blank “leader” of labels before or after the labels are printed. It prints labels consistently and therefore using a full roll without stopping, cutting, and splicing the label material due to its reliable operation and “in job” cleaning process.
  3. High Speed
    The Kiaro! prints colour labels at speeds that keep up with production lines, 50-200 mm/s. With the additional ability to print one label and tear off the Kiaro! operates at the perfect speed for manually applying labels.
  4. High Quality Colour Printing
    The rich colours, 1200 dpi high resolution and tight registration of the Kiaro! Printed Labels rival the print quality of flexographic label printing presses. Print picture perfect labels without having to tweak any artwork!
  5. Automatic Cleaning Process
    Every high speed in-house inkjet label printer including the Kiaro! produce periodic printed “artifacts” such as void lines & banding lines. As a result, the Kiaro! handles this issue through its “in job” cleaning procedure. If a print artefact is produced, simply pause the job and click to enable the automatic cleaning process. The printer will clean and then resume – printing perfect quality labels.
  6. Full Customer Support from Metromatics
    The Kiaro! comes with an one-year warranty. Metromatics has been selling and supporting Quicklabel Systems products in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. We will come to your location, install the Kiaro! and train your users to start printing labels and provide you with on-going support and guidance.
  7. So many other features
    Works with a wide range of Paper and Synthetic Matte and Glossy stocks and therefore, we hold a lot of this stock (along with the ink cartridges) on our shelves in Brisbane to support our customers.

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