Pixalux Structural Light Panels

The Pixalux® structural light panel combines the evenly diffused light of light panel or luminaire with the strength and versatility of a laminate wood panel to create a lighting product that can easily be built into objects and used to support weight. This never before seen combination of features enables endless new possibilities for lighting through seamless integration and direct support of objects.

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Pixalux® structural light panels use similar light transmission technology to other diffused lighting products such as light boxes and screens. This is known as a light guide plate (LGP). The way that Pixalux® structural light panels differ from similar products such as light boxes is through the unique structural capabilities of the panel. Unlike other lighting products, Pixalux® structural light panels are essentially solid acrylic which gives them their unique and patented structural capabilities.

The perfectly smooth surface of Pixalux® light panels allows them to be directly printed on, and the even light distribution makes them perfect for signage or communication. When fitted RGB LEDs, the colour of the panel can be customised to exact specifications, or even change dynamically.

Pixalux® works by positioning an LED strip against the edge of the panel, which spreads the light throughout the panel and evenly illuminates both faces. This makes it remarkably efficient, and keeps wiring to an absolute minimum.


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