Dytran Vibracorder II – Vibration Recorder

The Dytran VibraCorder™ II, is a small, yet powerful, 6DOF vibration recorder.  It has a built-in triaxial MEMS accelerometer and triaxial Gyroscope capable of measuring and recording acceleration and orientation in three orthogonal directions as well as roll, pitch and yaw.

The Dytran Vibracorder II (Model 4401A2) is a Vibration Recorder which captures critical 6DOF vibration data, solves problems, and moves product development forward.  The units include easy to install, user-configurable, software that optimises data collection.  Whilst built-in firmware handles acceleration in three axes as well as gyroscope data on the removable Micro SD-card.

Features of the Dytran VibraCorder II – Vibration Recorder

Device features of the VibraCorder™ II include multiple recording regimes (free run, triggered event, triggered free run, auto stop, etc.); several sampling rates available up to 4280 Hz; environmentally sealed with IP65 rating; mounted via mounting plate and screws; rechargeable LiPo battery or external power from 8-32 VDC; software controlled relay for the operation of external components such as cameras, indicator lights, and other accessories; multi-day recording capabilities; low battery indicator with emergency file save feature and is available in ±16g range.

User friendly software features of the VibraCorder™ II include immediate data retrieval from the Micro SD card to the computer screen; easy cursor operation for data selection, zoom and cursor alignment; one press of a button snapshot; data overlay; anti-alias filtering; real time stamp; oversampling; Time Synchronous Averaging; FFT analysis; and data export

The VibraCorder™ II is capable of operating in a variety of application environments, including automotive, vibration testing, remote vibration measurement, rotating machinery diagnostics, impact testing, sports equipment, safety equipment, recreational vehicles, transportation monitoring, playground testing, suspension testing as well as spacecraft over-road transportation.

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