Rugged Sinewave DC AC/DC Inverters

Whenever standard utility power is required – the Nova Electric NGL130 Series DC-AC/DC Inverter is the product to turn to.  These inverters are specifically designed for harsh environments. Plus, fully ruggedised against shock, vibration and humidity.  Perfect for ground mobile, naval or aircraft applications.

These compact, lightweight chassis have a tiny foot print by measuring 5cm high x 17cm wide and 17cm deep.  Also, they offer protection from the elements up to IP66.  The sealed design allows for wide temperature operations from -40° to 52°C.  The input consists of a wide range of 18-32VDC as per MIL-STD-1275.  Plus they output includes both fixed AC and multiple DC Outputs (usually 5VDC @ 10 Watts and 12VDC @ 10 Watts).

These Rugged Sinewave DC-AC/DC Inverters are ideal for running electronic loads.  Items such as computers, monitors, printers, phone systems, radios and florescent lights from batteries, field generators and solar electro voltaic panels.

There are three models currently available with output frequency of 50, 60 and 400 Hz.

For more information on the Rugged Sinewave DC-AC/DC Inverter products, contact us.

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