Submersible IEPE Triaxial Accelerometer

Introducing the Submersible IEPE Triaxial Accelerometer – 3623 SERIES from Dytran

The Dytran series 3623 is a unique, IEPE submersible triaxial accelerometer.  Its case is isolated, IP68 rated (submersed to 175 psi) and weighs just 18 grams. This rugged, low noise accelerometer was designed for vibration monitoring in submersible applications. Its small size makes it easy to mount in spaces inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.

Featuring a hermetically sealed titanium case and a non-removable, water blocked moulded cable for zero water ingress, even at depth. TEDS models are available within the series. This function allows the user to query each sensor in a large array during field testing, and provides model number, serial number, sensitivity and other attributes using a TEDS compatible signal conditioner/data acquisition system.

Available with sensitivities ranging from 10–100 mV/g, design of the Dytran series 3623 incorporates the latest in piezoceramic planar shear technology coupled with 2–wire internal IEPE electronics.

This lightweight sensor is packaged in a robust, titanium housing, with 10–32 mounting capabilities and a molded integral cable terminating to flying leads.


  • Titanium
  • Waterproof
  • Stud mounted
  • Case isolated
  • Triaxial
  • IEPE
  • TEDS options
  • Available with various cable lengths



  • Submersible vehicles
  • Offshore wind turbine
  • Automotive road load
  • Outdoor Test Tracks
  • Shipboard installations
  • Boat engine systems
  • Levees and dams
  • General purpose triaxial vibration measurements of machines and structures in  underwater environments


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