Ultra High Temp Accelerometer

Dytran 3262C: Ultra High Temp Accelerometer (+649°C)

Dytran Instruments, Inc A leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS sensors spotlights  model 3262C, an ultra high temp differential output accelerometer that operates at up to +649°C , and can survive temperature excursions up to 760°C.

This model operates at a high performance and extended durability in the harshest high-temperature environments.  The case isolation, cooling channel, hermetically-sealed super alloy Inconel™ 600 housing and patented Silver Window™ technology.  Make model 3262C ideal for permanent vibration monitoring.  For example applications such as gas turbine engines, space applications, nuclear applications, gas and steam turbine power plants.

Featured Technology

Dytran’s patented Silver Window™ technology is a key feature of model 3262C. Firstly, the “Silver Window” on top of the accelerometer housing allows diffused oxygen molecules to pass through at high temperatures.  Therefore, replenishing oxygen to the piezoelectric crystals while maintaining the hermetic seal integrity. Secondly, this feature assures continued high-temperature operation with minimal loss of piezoelectric crystal insulation resistance due to oxygen deprivation.

However, the unique crystal design topology allows Model 3262C to exist in rapidly changing thermal environments by exhibiting a high resistance to thermal shocks. Also the internal components of Model 3262C are made from high-temperature alloys that are “tuned” to a perfect match of thermal coefficients of expansion to stabilise temperature response characteristics. The sensing element is electrically isolated from the external case to avoid signal ground loop interference.

Basic sensitivity is 5 pC/g, the frequency response is +/-10% to 5 kHz.  Model 3262C has an industry standard 1.188 bolt circle (ARINC) mounting base.  It secures the sensor to the structure.  With 8-32 thd. mounting screws, and features an integral hardline cable designed to survive the harshest environments.

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Dytran Instruments, Inc. a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics.

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