White Paper: How QuickFitting cut costs by 40%

Quick Fitting, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of “push-connect” plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply Company, Ace Hardware and other major hardware retailers in the USA.

Frequently finding that changing labels to match new retail labelling demands produced excess inventory of costly pre-printed labels, label obsolescence and missed deadlines; they began searching for a better labelling solution.

Download QuickLabel’s white paper to learn how Quick Fitting, Inc. cut costs by 40%, reduced production time by 80% and eliminated excess inventory with the help of an in-house QuickLabel label printer.

Click here to download the White Paper

Metromatics has been selling and supporting the QuickLabel Product line for over 25 years in Australia.  If you would like further information on their products, contact us.

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