Reaction Torque Sensor

The Reaction Torque Sensor (or Flange to Flange Torque Sensor as it known) is designed for inline/reaction torque measurements. Models options include Reaction Torque Sensors, Reaction Torque with Flanges and Thru hole Reaction Torque Sensor with TEDS.

Measurements range from 0.0353 Nm up to 1,129 Nm.

Metromatics provide sales, support and service for the FUTEK Reaction Torque range to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.


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FUTEK‘s Reaction Torque Sensor category (or Flange to Flange as it is also known) has a wide selection of models.  Also these models vary in size and capacity.  Firstly, designed for inline/reaction torque measurements.  Secondly, accuracy is achieved using metal foil strain gauge technology.

Feature Sets of some of the Reaction Torque Sensors

Particular models have different feature sets.  Such as FUTEK’s TFF500 has a Thru Hole Centre.  It offers a unique solution for torque auditing applications. Highlights of the TFF500 include

  • Low profile with large inner diametre
  • Integrated TEDS streamlines the setup of a sensor with an instrument by allowing you to bypass complicated calibration steps
  • Fits a Prime Planetary Gearhead with P/N 017PLX
  • Accepts NEMA 17 mounting pattern
  • Strain gauge based


Where as, the FUTEK’s TFF425 contains flanges and overload protection in most models.

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