Display, monitoring and analysis solutions for the Public Transport Industry.

Metrospec by Metromatics manufactures Industrial High Bright LCD Passenger Information Systems. We also provide high speed data acquisition systems that monitor bridges, windspeed, radar speed, tunnel clearance, pantograph monitoring and also provide passenger comfort.

Measuring Passenger Comfort and Brake Testing on a train using DEWESoft Sirius

A major railway engineering company required a system that measured the passenger comfort level aboard their customers trains.  They also wanted to ensure the riding experience met Australian Transport Standards for passengers.  This company also wanted the ability to conduct brake testing to determine stopping distances. In order to help them with this, we supplied the DEWESoft Sirius and DEWESoft X2 Software.  This provided them with a complete system for both scenarios.

Railway Platform and Railway Entry Displays For Passenger Information

A major public transport network required LCD Passenger Information Displays.  They also wanted to provide customers with timetable information, service messages as well as emergency messages (if required) on Railway platforms and station entry points. As a result, displays had to be reliable, weatherproof and visible in direct sunlight. To help, Metromatics designed, manufactured and also supplied the MetroSpec 47” LCD Passenger Information Displays.  Their brightness was 2500 Nits and it also had an IP65 rating.

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