Interference Blanker Units

Interference Blanker Units are Line Replaceable Units or LRU’s.  Used primarily by Airborne and Shipborne Military Platforms. They co-ordinate the radar & RF transmitters and receivers’ communications.

However, their main purpose is to prevent interference from these technologies signals when operating on the same frequencies. This is achieved by creating blank suppression signals which disable sensitive receivers during strong transmissions.

How it operates

The EON Instrumentation Interference Blanker units (IBU) accept pulse inputs from numerous transmitters and generates and distributes blanking suppression pulse outputs to affected receivers.

Features of Interference Blanker Units

  • Accepts wide range of voltage levels and pulse frequency inputs that can be adjusted for the output triggering threshold
  • Pulse Width and Delay of suppression signal can be combined into one or more outputs.
  • Bidirectional Inputs/outputs accommodate ARINC Bus connections
  • Discrete inputs dynamically enable or disable individual blanking inputs from blanking map
  • All IBU’s provide individual signal threshold, pulse width and delay adjustments
  • Depending on the model, adjustments can be made using potentiometer controls on the unit or via a computer workstation which can create a blanking map that is downloaded to the unit’s memory.
  • Standard Connector Types / Impedance can be easily modified


Military Qualified

  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-461
  • MIL-STD-704
  • MIL-STD-1275
  • MIL-STD-901D
  • DO160
  • And other applicable specifications.


Standard Power Input

  • 28 VDC (18-36) for smaller applications ie. Airborne
  • 115 VAC/60 Hz 3 Phase for larger applications ie. Shipborne


Projects on which it is deployed

  • US Navy Surface Ship – AEGIS Electronic Warfare Control – PCAB IBU
  • Foreign Surface Ships – BCU-101B
  • P3 Aircraft – Interference Blanking Control – PIBU-102; BCU-101
  • Plus, many others.  For further updates, click here.


EON Instrumentation provide the advantage

Experience:  EON Instrumentation has designed, developed, and deployed a range of Interference Blanking Units for shipborne and airborne applications over the last 20 years.

Capable: The team is experienced in Electronic Systems Design, Development and Manufacture with New Products, Existing Product Modification & Upgrade and Reverse Engineering

Reliable: Installed and Operating in Military Platforms Internationally

Local Sales & Support: Metromatics provide local sales & support for the EON Instrumentation product range to our customers in Australia & New Zealand.


For more information on this product range, contact us.


Potentiometer Adjustable IBU’s

Interference Blanking Units Analog Version


Model Std Signal Type Std. Connector Inputs Outputs Unique Features
BCU-101/A, D TTL BNC 5 S/E 2 Composite For Airborne Platforms
BCU-102 TTL BNC 12 S/E 8 S/E + 1 Composite Various Platforms
BCU-103 Various MILS 9 S/E 5 Composite Special Mission Aircraft
BCU-104 TTL BNC 16 S/E 8 S/E + 1 Composite For Radar Ground Stations


Computer Programmable IBU’s

Interference Blanker Units Computerised Version

Model Std Signal Type Std. Connector Inputs Outputs Unique Features
PIBU-102 TTL BNC 18 S/E 18 S/E + 2 Composite Uses field workstation computer
PCAB TTL / LVDS N-Type 31 S/E 93 S/E + 8 Composite Pre Trigger Converter and Blanking for Surface Ship AEGIS EW Control
BCU-102A-1 TTL TNC, MILs 4 Std / 4 bidir 4 Std / 4 bidir Disable discretes x 4



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