19″ MIL-STD Lightweight Racks & Consoles

Features of 19 Inch MIL-STD Light Weight Racks & Consoles include:

  • 32RU, 34RU and 41RU Standard Sizes. Customer configurable up to 42RU
  • Light weight Aluminium/Stainless Steel
  • Standard Depth 800 mm (41RU) or 850mm (32RU & 34RU)
  • Empty Weight 80kg (42RU)
  • Options include Air Vents, EMC Shielding, Front/Rear Doors, Removable Side Panels, Connector Panels, Integrated Cooling, Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Integrated rugged PSUs, Inverters, UPS and more
  • Custom sizes and configurations available

Applications: Naval Vessels, Defence and other applications where space and weight have constraints.

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Firstly, the 19″ MIL-STD Lightweight Racks & Rugged Consoles Video below highlights products that are manufactured by Metromatics.  For more information, contact us.

Features of 19″ MIL-STD Lightweight Racks include

  • Designed, manufactured & Tested to a range of MIL-STDs -901D, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1310F & other Naval Ruggedisation Standards
  • Provided Fibre Optic, Coaxial, power and network cabling solutions
  • Full supporting documentation including Electrical Schematics, Cable Schedules, General Assembly Drawings & Integration Guides
  • Other MIL-STDS on request

Bare Racks

  • Light weight design with stainless steel internal frame and Aluminium skin
  • Tested to 15G shock (BV43 – ANZAC spec) (38RU up to 250kg, 42RU up to 350kg- Data Available)
  • 1G Vibration (Mil-S-167)
  • Qualified up to 250Kg payload (could potentially be higher)
  • Sizes up to 42RU
  • Doors, removable panels, connector panels, trays, etc available
  • Supplied with or without isolation mounts.

MIL STD Lightweight Rack

Integrate Racks

  • Fully integrated with signal, power and I/O cabling, connectors, terminations (including Optics)
  • Integrated with thermal management (cooling and anti condensation)
  • Integrated earthing and bonding features (Mil-S-1310)
  • Power conditioning and distribution
  • Controls, Switching, indicators

Metromatics provides Turnkey Solutions

  • Contract manufacturing, design to manufacturer or design from scratch
  • Leveraging proven rack designs, high quality suppliers and in-house engineering
  • OQE based Validation and verification methods
  • Full Engineering review process
  • Experienced engineers, integrators, test personnel

For more information on 19″ MIL-STD Lightweight Racks download the brochure here or contact us.

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