Metromatics specialises in Electronic, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services and products.  Our team of trusted and experienced designers & engineers can design fake rolex deepsea or integrate products to meet your specific requirements.  In addition to this, we also provide test & measurement Engineers with the ultimate tools.  This includes everything from easy to use Data Acquisition Systems, Signal Conditioners & Network I/Os to Standard and Wireless Sensors.

Your success is important to our team.  Our team of experienced designers and engineers deliver customised solutions that meet specification requirements and exceed client expectations.  Furthermore, we deliver all our products and services on time and within budget.

MIL-STD Light Weight Electronic Racks, Consoles and Cabinet Assemblies for Air WarFare Destroyer (AWD Project)

Metromatics manufactured and tested 24 different configurations of MIL-STD Light Weight Racks and Consoles for the new Australian Naval Vessels (Air Warfare Destroyers).  They house important electrical equipment.  The different rack types included were: Network Racks, Encryption Racks, Entertainment System Racks and Radio Operator Console Bayed Racks.  We also supplied High Power DC Supply Cabinets and Inverter Cabinet Assemblies.

Air Force Hardware and Avionics Upgrade

Metromatics provided the Australian Air Force with replacement a Avionics Suite and Processing Hardware for old, failing equipment. Metromatics had direct access to some Rugged COTS products.  We also integrated and tested a complete system for our customer from the products we represent. This system had a conduction cooled chassis, processor board, Digital I/O and 1553 Dual Redundant Bus Monitoring System. The advantage of this avionics hardware solution was that it allowed the Defence Aircraft to monitor errors with the electronics and interface with the computers on board something it previously was incapable of doing.

Passenger Information Display System for the Gold Coast Light Rail Project

Gold Coast Light Rail required a Real-Time Passenger Information Display System.  This system needed to meet and withstand humidity, heat, bright sunlight and severe storms. It also needed to provide passengers with an up-to-date, light rail passenger timetable and service information despite difficult environmental conditions. This was Metromatics toughest engineering challenge.  Yet, our engineering team rose to the challenge.  We delivered our MetroSpec 42” ½ Slimline LCD Passenger Information Display.  It included features such as remote monitoring, bird deterrents, anti-graffiti paint and weatherproof system.

Metromatics can custom build, design and support products used in engineering applications.

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