Embedded Data Acquisition System

The IOLITE LX is an embedded data acquisition system with low power ARM processor and Linux operating system.  It contains Integrated Data Storage including Internal up to 1TB making it perfect for stand alone data logging applications.  Plus dual redundant EtherCAT data bus systems that operate in parallel and connectivity with other standard data interfaces.

IOLITE LX offers great signal conditioning. With its range of input and output slots, you can measure voltage, current, strain, stress, vibration (IEPE), sound, temperature (thermocouples and RTD), digital, counters, and more.  Data Acquisition Software included for free (including maintenance and upgrades).

An Embedded data acquisition system for the future is the Dewesoft IOLITE LX.  Based on an open architecture, low power LINUX based ARM Processor.  The IOLITE LX is a data logger, real time system and signal conditioning frontend, all at the same time.

Features of IOLITE LX Embedded Data Acquisition System include:


EMBEDDED PROCESSING: Built-in dual-core 1.5 GHz ARM processor with Linux OS and DewesoftRT.  Therefore, perfect for embedded applications.  Such as data logging, cloud data collection, and real-time control.

INTERNAL DATA STORAGE: Internal storage as well as the removable SD card is available with up to 1 TB space.  Useful for storing large amounts of data.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Extremely powerful.  Designed to operate with very low power consumption which makes it a perfect choice for any measurement application.

HIGH-END SIGNAL CONDITIONING: IOLITE LX offers the same high-end signal conditioning modules as IOLITE DAQ and control system. Amplifiers are available for IEPE, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Strain gage, Bridge, Digital Counters, RTDs, Thermocouples, and Digital Input/Output.

REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY: Redundant power supply is seamlessly switching between available power sources and provides non-stop availability even for the most demanding test applications.

DUAL ETHERCAT BUS: Two parallel EtherCAT® buses are for full speed buffered data acquisition to a PC computer running Dewesoft X software. A secondary bus used for real-time data to any 3rd party control system.

GREAT CONNECTIVITY: Standard data interfaces are available to transfer the data to real-time controllers, cloud servers, Industry 4.0 clients, using a wide variety of standard data interfaces, such as EtherCAT®, OPC UA, XCP, and CAN.

DAQ SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: The easy-to-use but rich in functionality, award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software is included. All upgrades to the software are free forever with no hidden licensing costs.

Finally, click here for the brochure on the IOLITE LX

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