Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Would you like a device capable of high-quality signal conditioning, data recording, processing that can also act as a real-time control front-end at the same time?

Dewesoft’s Data Acquisition and Control Systems are capable of storing hundreds of analog and digital channels at full speed. They also allow data to be sent out in parallel to any 3rd party EtherCAT master controller.  As a result, Dewesoft has managed to bring the worlds of data acquisition and real-time control together to save you time and money.

Our range of DEWESoft‘s Data Acquisition and Control Systems are the most versatile USB and EtherCAT DAQ Systems on the market.  These DAQ and Control Systems are highly reliable and come with powerful computer processing and real time front end control.  Additionally,  Dewesoft’s award-winning X3 Professional software, will also take your test and measurement experience to another level.  Dewesoft also provides free software upgrades to keep your system up to date with no hidden costs.

Here at Metromatics we proudly support, sell and service the Dewesoft Product range in Australia and New Zealand.  If you would like to learn more about our data acquisition and control systems please contact us.  We are here to help guide you to the perfect Dewesoft system for your application.

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DAQ and Control Systems Portfolio

Real Time Data Acquisition and Control SystemDAQ and Control SystemsIndustrial stand-alone data Acquisition system
R8rtIOLITEIOLITEd – Low Cost Industrial DAQ System
High channel count system with high end signal conditioning, powerful computer, data logger and real time data output capability to EtherCAT real time controller.Data acquisition and real time control fond end system for industrial applications. All in one solution for real time control and feedback monitoringStand-alone data acquisition system with high-end signal conditioning for monitoring and industrial applications.  distributed and cost-effective.  Free software included.
Embedded Data Acquisition and Control System
IOLITE LX – Embedded Data Acquisition System
The IOLITE LX is an Embedded Data Acquisition System based on open architecture; low power LINUX based Arm Processor. It is a data logger, real time system and signal conditioning frontend, all at the same time


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