PCM Telemetry

The SIRIUS® 2xPCM is piece of Telemetry hardware that combines PCM frame sync/decomm along with PCM encoder capabilities.

Its small size allows for great mobility. Enabling Engineers to connect with their laptop for a flight line checkout or combine it with SIRIUS DAQ instrument and SBOX data logger to allow real-time process and visualisation of telemetry data.

Making this product ideal for Aerospace Telemetry Applications.

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The Dewesoft SIRIUS® 2xPCM is a piece of PCM Telemetry Hardware which can receive two channels of PCM clock and data on a single or differential ended input. Firstly, speeds up to 40 Mbps input are seta allowing data, video and audio bandwidth input. However, if more channels are required, then devices can be connected or securely stacked together.

Secondly, Channel 1 can be set from an input to an output. This allows the SIRIUS® 2xPCM to be used as a PCM simulator or PCM encoder. In addition, this output signal can be simulated using Dewesoft X Software. Therefore, allowing the user to simulate the PCM stream or playback an IRIG-106 Chapter 10 recording.

Most importantly, additional Dewesoft hardware is not required for the SIRIUS 2xPCM to function. Therefore, if you have an existing PCM stream, you can flow that data through the SIRIUS 2xPCM and Dewesoft hardware package with the PCM plugin. This allows DewesoftX software to combine that with:

  • Dewesoft analog inputs (IEPE, strain, voltage)
  • Digital and counter inputs
  • IRIG-106 chapter 10 data
  • PCM telemetry
  • MIL STD 1553 and ARINC 429
  • iNet
  • Serial Data
  • Ethernet Data
  • GPS data
  • Video (DirectX, High speed video, infrared thermal)
  • CAN bus data

Features of PCM Telemetry Hardware SIRIUS® 2xPCM include:

INPUT SPEED: Receive up to two independent PCM streams of 40 Mbps clock and data streams into a platform independent solution.

PCM OUTPUT: Use one channel as an output – use as a PCM simulator, IRIG-106 Chapter 10 playback and PCM encoder. Therefore, allowing troubleshooting or a font end solution.

DAISY CHAIN FOR HIGHER CHANNEL COUNTS: Joined together for higher channel counts.

SMALL SIZE: Small size and super lightweight. Therefore, ideal in applications such as backpacks, test and checkout cards and even onboard the test article.

FLEXIBILITY: Easily adaptable. Adding the 2xPCM to other systems using the software.

USB DEVICE: USB Connection provides communication. IRIG time added with IRIG BNC ports. Dewesoft sync ports allow time sync connections between all capable equipment for east to time sync capability. 2 x single ended and diff connections are on the front plate for each of the two channels.

SOFTWARE INCLUDED FREE: Comes with DewesoftX data acquisition software. Easy to use and feature rich. All updates are free forever. No hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

To learn more about the Dewesoft PCM Telemetry Hardware SIRIUS® 2xPCM, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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