Wireless Tank Level Monitor F100M

The F100M is an advanced solution allowing you to wirelessly monitor your tank levels effortlessly.

This innovative IP67 encased device is micro-solar powered with 3 x AAA Battery Back Up ensures long-term, low maintenance operation.  Depending on sensor selection, it wirelessly tracks not only water levels but monitors inventory levels, temperature, humidity and pressure of substances such as fuels, oils, chemicals, bitumen emulsion, wastewater and liquid gases in storage tanks.

By using advanced M1-LTE/NB-IoT technology with a multi carrier mobile SIM, the F100M provides real time data.  In addition, there is the option to switch to Globalstar Satellite in case of coverage gaps.

The F100M is designed for demanding industrial environments for tanks up to 6 metres tall where connectivity may be an issue.  It is easy to install and operate.  Access your data conveniently via our web platform or mobile app or set up your system to send you alerts when level changes or fill events.

The LevelCon F100M is a wireless tank level monitor.

Firstly, it is based on a M1-LTE/NB-IoT, multi carrier mobile sim and has the option of adding the Globalstar Satellite as a fall back. The monitor will always attempt to report over mobile network. However, if this is unavailable, it will automatically switch to embedded satellite option to complete data transmission.

Also, it is powered by solar that charges a super capacitor for powering the device. The solar power augmentation allows for approximately 10 years of maintenance free use. In addition, this model also offers a battery backup reserve, from 3 x off the shelf AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Secondly, the F100M is designed for a simple installation on a single tank, as part of a bulk facility network or used as a multi tank monitor with RS485 Modbus Sensors. It is housed in an IP67 enclosure and has a built in LCD to provide easy operation and local control. Due to its small size, neodymium magnets securely mount the device to the tank. It operates at temperatures -40° to 70°C.

LevelCon’s monitor and sensor combination is a modular solution. Also, the F100M is compatible with nearly any sensor on the market. However, LevelCon offer the service of pairing the contents of your tanks to the proper sensor for a perfect match. Paired with the LevelCon’s app and cloud portal, access levels directly from any smart device. Receive easily configured email and text notifications for level changes and fill events.

If you’re looking for a smaller device with a similar feature set that works with wireless mesh network sensors – see the StarPin Remote Tank Level Monitoring Solution.

For more information, contact us.

Other features of Wireless Tank Level Monitor F100M for Remote Water Monitoring, fuel, gases, chemicals and propane gas include:

  • 1 Analog Input & 1 Digital Grounding Input – Alarm Capable. Intrinsically safe: C1D1 certified for hazardous deployments
  • 5-7 years maintenance free batteries
  • Including an automatic sensor check for level change detection
  • Solar Augmented Supercapacitor power system
  • CatM1LTE communication via all major carriers
  • Also optional satellite communication
  • Free GPS positioning
  • Plus mesh network low energy configuration
  • Aggregator of upstream/downstream devices
  • External sensor locking system
  • Standard Micro USB Charging system for external power
  • Free access to LevelCon Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • As well as Multi Sensor compatibility, RS485 deployment / UART Modbus, I2C
  • Pulse counter for flow meter
  • 3AA Lithium Battery backup
  • Also a built in LCD screen for local control
  • Integrated temperature and barometric pressure sensor
  • Finally, this product is ideal for applications such as Product Level Monitoring of fuel, water, lubricants, chemicals, gases and solids Industrial LP Gas or Propane Level Monitoring Frac Tanking Monitoring Backup generator fuel levels



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