8-64 Channel Data Acquisition System

The SIRIUS® R2 and R4 are compact data acquisition systems. With up to 64 analogue inputs, 32 counter inputs and 32 analogue outputs with built-in high-performance, highly reliable data processing computer and SSD data logger, which optionally be replaced by a USB hub for connection to an external PC.

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8-64 Channel Data Acquisition System

The DeweSoft SIRIUS® R2 and R4 are a compact 8-64 channel data acquisition system. Firstly, signal conditioning modules for any signal and sensor are available. Also, amplifiers feature dual 24 bit ADCs. Therefore, achieving a 160 dB dynamic range along with 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Main Features include

  • HIGH-END SIGNAL CONDITIONING: Built around SIRIUS DAQ technology. Also features the same versatile and powerful amplifiers for world-leading signal conditioning. Visit SIRIUS product page for detailed SIRIUS DAQ technology overview.
  • POWERFUL AND RELIABLE COMPUTER: R4 DAQ system offers powerful built-in data processing computer and fast and reliable SSD data logging capabilities for a stand-alone operation.
  • UP TO 64 ANALOGUE INPUTS: System can be configured with up to 4 SIRIUS DAQ slices for a total of 64 analogue inputs for connecting virtually any sensor.
  • UP TO 32 COUNTER/ENCODER INPUTS: System can hold up to 32 counter/encoder inputs or 96 digital input channels. All equipped with Dewesoft’s patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology.
  • UP TO 4 ISOLATED CAN PORTS: Configure up to 4 high speed CAN 2.0b channels with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput with additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939, and CAN output.
  • ETHERCAT MASTER PORT: DAQ systems include EtherCAT master port with built-in synchronisation for easy connection and extension of any of Dewesoft’s EtherCAT based DAQ systems like KRYPTON DAQ modules, IOLOITE or SIRIUS DAQ system.
  • ALL INTERFACES: Interfaces for Wireless LAN (WiFi), dual Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, GPS/GNSS, HDMI, EtherCAT and synchronisation are included in the built in computer.
  • 100 Hz GPS WITH RTK: Integrate an optional 10Hz or 100Hz GNSS receiver directly into the DAQ System. This provides precise GPS positioning. In addition, GNSS receivers offer optional RTK support which improves positioning accuracy down to 1cm!
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy to use, robust in functionality, award-winning DEWESoft X3 software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs. Bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage and analysis capabilities.

Medium to High Channel Count in a Compact Design Data Acquisition Systems

Both the SIRIUS® R2 and SIRIUS® R4 are Data Acquisition Systems with a medium to high channel abilities. In addition, they are housed in rugged enclosures. Also they can be connected and synchronised together to provide thousands of channels of acquisition. Both systems use the Dewesoft SBOX data processing computer which provides modern networking interface and reliable SSD storage.

The SIRIUS® R2 consists of:

  • 32 analog input channels
  • 16 counter/encoder input channels
  • 48 digital input channels
  • 18 CAN bus input channels
  • 16 Analog output channels

The SIRIUS® R4 consists of:

  • 64 analog input channels
  • 32 counter/encoder input channels
  • 92 digital input channels
  • 36 CAN bus input channels
  • 32 analog output channels


Data Acquisition for connection to normal pc

You can connect the R2/R4 data acquisition system to your existing PC setup. Dewesoft offer the SIRIUS® R2-HUB or R4-HUB data acquisition systems. Firstly, these are integrated USB Hubs. You can use these instead of an SBOX computer. It allows you to stream data directly to an external PC via USB 2.0 connection.

The R2-HUB and R4-HUB DAQ system also includes some additional extension ports like USB and synchronisation extension ports. This allows the R2-HUB and/or the R4-HUB DAQ system to be easily extended by additional data acquisition devices like SIRIUS modular DAQ or DEWE-43.

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