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Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems are easy to use and can work with any sensor with amazing precision.  System configurations are flexible and the channel count can be expanded at any time as your measurement requirements grow.

Take your Test & Measurement experience to another level with the power of included award winning Dewesoft X Professional Software.  All software upgrades are free forever with no hidden costs!


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Firstly, DEWESoft‘s DAQ Systems are the most versatile USB and EtherCAT Data Acquisition Systems on the market.  Secondly, they are highly reliable with powerful computer processing and available in rackmountable or mobile configurations.

Finally, with the power of included award-winning Dewesoft X3 Professional software.  You will take your test and measurement experience to another level. All software upgrades are free forever with no hidden costs.

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DAQ Systems Portfolio

DAQ Systems - Sirius High Speed Data Acquisition is Dewesoft Sirius XHS SSD Data Logger
The world’s most versatile USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system.  Any signal, any sensor with cutting edge technology High Speed Data Acquisition System which processes up to 15MS/sec using ADC Technology enabling high bandwidth Transient Recording. Highly reliable SSD data logger with a powerful data processing computer.  The perfect companion to SIRIUS data acquisition system
Rackmountable Data Acquisition System 8-64 Channel Data Acquisition System portable data acquisition system
Rackmountable DAQ System built into standard PC computer chassis and integrated SIRIUS data acquisition slices. Ready for simple and inexpensive upgrade of PC components Compact data acquisition system with up to 64 analog inputs, 32 counter inputs and 32 analog outputs with built in high performance. Highly reliable data processing computer and SSD data logger Compact Mobile data acquisition system with a built in data logger, powerful data processing computer, multi-touch display and internal batteries for maximum portability
Data Acquisition DAQ System USB Data Acquisition System
R8 Minitaurs DEWE-43A
High channel count data acquisition system with built in data logger and powerful data processing computer Mixed Signal Data Acquisition System and multichannel data logger with cutting edge technology at a great price. Award winning versatile USB data acquisition system with unmatched price/performance ratio and a small footprint.
Small and highly portable, USB powered data acquisition system.  Ideal for acoustic, vibration and rotating machinery analysis


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