Compact All-in-one DAQ System

The DEWESoft MINITAURs is fully packed with the latest technology and is a perfect compact all-in-one data acquisition system. Based on the SIRIUS dual core ADC technology, it offers amazing dynamic range of 160 dB. MINITAURs has eight universal analogue input channels, eight high-precision counter inputs and 1 CAN port for automotive applications.

Metromatics proudly sell and support the Dewesoft Product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Built from a solid block of aluminium, the DEWESoft MINITAURs is a rugged and compact DAQ System with a 200kHz sampling rate per channel. With footprint of only 266 x 139 x 109 mm, it is a perfect instrument for mobile and/or air-borne applications that requires a small but powerful, reliable data acquisition device. MINITAURs is expandable with battery packs BPi2 and BPi4 and compatible with all other front ends of the SIRIUS instruments.

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Main Features of the DEWESoft MINITAUR DAQ System include:

  • DATA LOGGER & DAQ SYSTEM DEVICE IN ONE COMPACT CHASSIS: Powerful data logger and data acquisition device in one compact chassis. Includes Intel Core i3 CPU computer, solid state drive, WiFi, two LAN ports, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, EtherCAT master port, and optional 10 Hz or 100 Hz GPS receiver.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH RANGE OF UNIVERSAL ANALOG INPUTS: Instrument can accept voltage, IEPE, RTD, resistance and full/half/quarter bridge signals natively. As well as additional inputs such as charge, thermocouples, RTD, current, and LVDT signals with the use of DSI adapters.
  • 160 dB DYNAMIC RANGE: With Dewesoft’s DualCoreADC® technology all analog inputs boost dual 24-bit delta-sigma with the anti-aliasing filter, achieving astonishing 160 dB dynamic range in time and frequency domain.
  • PROGRAMMABLE SENSOR POWER SUPPLY: Amplifiers provide channel-independent, programmable sensor power supply.
  • DIGITAL/COUNTER/ENCODER INPUTS: Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle. Precise frequency and angle measurement use patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology.
  • CAN AND CAN FD INPUT: Also one high speed CAN 2.0b and CAN FD interface with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput. With additional support for CCP, XCP, OBDII, J1939, and CAN output.
  • FULLY SYNCHRONISED: Each channel, analog, digital or CAN is synchronised. In addition, multiple devices can be daisy chained and synchronised together with pin point accuracy.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: DEWESoft X software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs. Bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage and analysis capabilities.

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