Sound Intensity Measurement

Dewesoft Sound Intensity module offers a complete measurement solution, enabling the customer to use it for precise noise source location or sound power calculation, without the need for any special environment such as reverberation room or an echoic chamber.

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Sound Intensity Measurement

The Dewesoft Sound Intensity Measurement module offers a complete sound measurement solution. Firstly, it enables the customer to use it for precise noise source location or sound power calculation. Without the need for any special environment such as reverberation room or an echoic chamber.

Power measurement is a recognised method. Especially established to compare devices for their Acoustic properties. Using Dewesoft’s fully-fledged and versatile solution, sound power measurements can be conducted. It doesn’t matter about the object of interest’s shape or size with only a few requirements for the space or location of measurement.

sound intensity measurement

Sound power is obtained by any type of sound field. Moreover, this method enables measurement of devices that require specific and complex mounting to operate, making it impossible to determine their sound power through other methods. In situ measurements, have never been simpler, or as powerful. Perfect for fast troubleshooting and conformance to factory measurements and it also excels in complex devices with residual noise where key interest is a sound power of a specific machine.

When it comes to noise source location. Also, no other solution is as simple and intuitive to use as Dewesoft sound intensity measurement module. Depending on the direction of sound waves travel (from microphone A to B or vice versa). Dewesoft’s plugin will display different values (positive or negative). As noise source moves along the axis of the probe. When the probe is perpendicular to the noise source (located directly above it). Hence, the visual control inside Dewesoft X3 will toggle between positive and negative value. As this process is done for the horizontal and vertical alignment of the probe axis, the Sound.

Main Features

  • ISO 9614 COMPLIANT: Complies to Sound Intensity-based Sound Power calculation – Discrete points method (9614-1) and Scanning method (9614-2).
  • IEC 61672 CALIBRATED: Sound intensity solution is calibrated to IEC61672.
  • QUICK SOUND SOURCE IDENTIFICATION: Effortlessly identify noise sources with an easy-to-use interface.
  • NO NEED FOR SPECIAL ENVIRONMENT: Intensity-based solution enables you to obtain the sound power without the need for anechoic chamber or reverberation room.
  • ADAPTED FOR INDUSTRY: An adapted method for measuring big chillers and transformers makes it a perfect solution for large-scale industrial applications.
  • FEATURE COMPLETE MEASUREMENT: Everything you will ever need right out of the box, plug-and-play enabled.
  • WORKS ON EXISTING DEWESOFT HARDWARE: No need for additional HW modification, simply use our module with your existing DEWESoft hardware and intensity probe.
  • EASY TO EXTEND: Two additional analog inputs on SIRIUS mini allow you to plug in additional sensors.
  • FUTURE PROOF APPLICATION: free lifetime upgrades and support

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