Water & Waste Water Management

We provide a wide range of Ethernet I/O Control, Measurement and Analysis Tools for water and wastewater management.

Metromatics has a wide range of measurement, control and analysis tools used in water and wastewater management.  This includes everything from submersible load cells to process ethernet i/o. It also includes monitoring systems used in waterboards. Metromatics also has knowledgeable and experienced staff that will provide you with the perfect solution for your application.

Underwater Tow Testing using Futek S-Beam Jr Load Cells to Measure the Fluid Dynamics of a Vehicle Underwater.

A Southern University Research Laboratory built the largest commercial towing tank within Australasia to measure the resistance of objects in moving water.  This included ship hulls, submarines etc. In order to help out, Metromatics supplied Futek Load Cells.  These load cells undergo submersion testing in various scenarios.  As a result, users are able to gage the pressure vehicles experience encounter when submersed in water. Researchers were also able to make different recommendations for fuel efficiency, vessel design and environmental conditions.

Measuring Water Flow Rate Over Long Distances Using Acromag Ethernet I/O

A natural gas company successfully extracted water from coal seam gas production process.  In order to do this, they treated the water using ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis procedures.  They also tested the water and pumped it 120km in a buried pipeline from Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir.  This boosted water for the Dawson Valley Water Supply Scheme as a result. Furthermore, customers have been able to use this water for irrigation and industrial purposes. In order to accomplish this, Metromatics supplied the Acromag Ethernet I/O which measured measure the flow rate over the weir.

Monitoring the Cooling Valves on a Power Station using DEWESoft Sirius

In Southern Australia, one of Australia’s most advanced and efficient power stations uses a combined cycle gas turbine system.  Metromatics supplied them with the DEWESoft Sirius Power Monitoring System.  This assisted them with the analysis and monitoring of the cooling valves on its system as a result. This is essential due to varying plant operating conditions, new environmental laws and also a multitude of other factors.

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