Custom Hardware

Need a product solution? Customise it with Metromatics.

Sometimes standard products off the shelf are unable to provide your full solution. Metromatics have the knowledge, skills and expertise to customise hardware to meet your requirements.

At Metromatics, we listen to what our customer wants, what their requirements are, understand what specifications they need to meet and we source and develop the appropriate products to deliver the ultimate solution.

Our Custom Hardware

Metromatics work with our customers to deliver the ultimate solution in a timely manner.

Our Experience

Metromatics are experienced with a range of different customers from small businesses to large corporate multi-national companies and government departments.

Tailored to you

Metromatics have the staff, knowledge and resources to deliver industrial or military tested products to exceed your requirements.

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  3. We will provide you a simple but comprehensive quote on what it will take to build your Custom Design

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