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Metromatics provides Power Fault Recorders and Power Monitoring Systems for large Electricity Generation Companies.  We also carry a range of Power Conversion Products for harsh Defence and Industrial applications and provide local expert support.

Generator Monitoring System

A large south east Queensland electricity generation company required a product that could monitor their Generator. Metromatics supplied them with DEWESoft products.  We chose this range because of its ability to precisely measure fault recordings frequency, droops, over voltage and spikes.  Finally, they are also transient in power which was beneficial for this electricity generation company.

Monitoring the run-up of Hydro Generator

A Hydro electricity power generation company required a product that could monitor the “run-up” of their Generator.  They needed to ensure that it passed through the resonant frequency reasonably quickly.  If it didn’t there could be major issues. Metromatics supplied them with the DEWESoft hardware and software products.  We chose this product because it measures everything precisely.  This includes fault recording frequency, droop, over voltage, spikes and is transient in power.

Powering the Collins Class Submarines with DC AC Inverters inside a half-height 19” Light Weight Electronic Rack

Metromatics supplied the Collins Class Submarines with DC/AC Inverters.  These inverters were half height (19”) in a Lightweight Custom Electronic Rack with a chilling unit.  The vessel’s main battery supply powered the inverters thus enabling them to generate power to run the essentials. Finally, the chilling unit reduced operating temperatures.

Custom building, designing, manufacturing and supporting products used in power applications

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