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4-20mA Signal Isolators
2 Wire Loop Powered Isolators
3 Wire DC Powered Isolators
4 Wire AC/DC Powered Isolators
Software Support
4-20mA Signal Splitters
2 Wire Loop Powered Splitters
4 Wire AC/DC Powered Splitters
Software Support
Automated Test Equipment
Flying Probe Automated Test Equipment
Integrated Test Systems
Power Off Circuit Board Testing
Data Acquisition Systems
Acoustics & Sound Measurement
DAQ Accessories
DAQ Software
DAQ Systems
Data Interfaces, Sensors & Actuators
Data Loggers
Modular DAQ Systems
Portable DAQ Systems
Real Time Control & Monitoring
Embedded I/O & Processing Solutions
Reconfigurable FPGA Boards
Xilinx Artix-7
Xilinx Kintex-7
Logic Boards
XMC Boards
Xilinx Artix-7
Xilinx Kintex-7
Energy Management System
Extended Reality Job Training Consoles
Industrial PC's
Portable Spectrum Analyser
Rackmount Electronic Enclosure
Remote Monitoring Sensors
Ethernet Gateways
International Cellular Gateways
Wireless Accelerometers & Vibration Meters
Wireless Infrared Motion & Occupancy Sensors
Wireless Interface Meters & Sensors
Wireless Temperature Sensors
Software for Monnit Sensors
WiFi Sensors
Rugged Embedded
Sensors by FUTEK
Custom Sensors
Instruments And Amplifiers
Cables and Accessories
Channel Summing Juniction Box IAC
Digital Hand Held Display IHH
Internal PCB with USB Output USB
Panel Mount Display IPM
Strain Gauge Amplifier with Digital and Analog Output IDA
Strain Gauge Analog Load Cell Amplifier IAA
Load Cells And Force Sensors
Bi-Axial Force / Torque Sensor MBA
Cantilever Bending Beam Load Cell LBB
Donut / Through Hole load Washer Load Cell LTH
Flat Plate Force Sensor FFP
Grip/Pinch Force Sensor LMD
In Line Male/Female Threaded Rod End Load Cell LCB
Load Button Load Cell LLB
Low Profile Female Threaded Load Cell LRF
Low Profile Thrust and Moment Multi Axis Sensor MTA
Male Threaded In Line Load Cell LCM
Miniature Load Column Load Cell LCA
Pedal Force Sensors LAU
S Beam Load Cell LSB
Side Mount OEM Load Cell LSM
Stick Shift / Gear Shift Knob Bi-Axial Load Cell MAU
Universal Pancake Load Cell LCF
Multi Axis Sensors
Bi-axial Force / Torque Sensor MBA
Low Profile Thrust and Moment Multi Axis Sensor MTA
Stick Shift/Gear Shift Knob Bi-Axial Load Cell - MAU
Oem Sensors
Cantilever Bending Beam Load Cell LBB
Flat Plate Force Sensor FFP
Side Mount OEM Load Cell LSM
Pressure Sensors
Female Port Pressure Sensor PFP
Flush Mount Diaphragm Miniature Pressure Sensor PFT
Male Port Pressure Sensor PMP
Torque Sensors
Custom Torque QTA
Flange to square drive Torque Sensor TDF
Male/Female Hex Drive Torque Sensor TRH
Shaft to Shaft Reaction Torque Sensor TSS
Shaft to Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor with Encoder TRS
Square Drive Reaction Torque Sensor TDD
Square Drive Rotary Torque Sensor TRD
Thru Hole Reaction Torque Sensor TFF
Sensors by Metromatics
Impact Hammers
Signal Conditioners & Network Io
Accessories & Power Supplies
Mounting Hardware
Power Supplies
Ethernet IO Modules
Ethernet Analog IO
Busworks 900EN Series
Busworks NT Analog Series
Busworks XT Series
EtherStax Series
Ethernet Digital IO
Busworks 900EN Series
Busworks NT Series
Busworks XT Series
EtherStax Series
Ethernet IO Software
Ethernet Switches & Converters
Ethernet Temperature Input
Multi Function IO
Limit Alarms
AC Voltage/Current Input
Accessories for Limit Alarms
DC Voltage/Current Input
Frequency Input
RTD / Resistance Input
Slidewire / Potentiometer Input
Software Support for Limit Alarms
Thermocouple Input
Universal Input
milliVolt Input
Modbus-RTU IO Modules
Modbus RTU Accessories
Modbus RTU Analog IO
Modbus RTU Digital IO
Modbus RTU Network Repeaters
Modbus RTU Software Support
Network Repeaters
Panel Meters
Profibus-DP IO Modules
Profibus-DP Accessories
Profibus-DP Analog IO
Profibus-DP Digital IO
Profibus-DP Software Support
Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition
Software Support Signal Conditioning
Signal Converters, Transmitters
AC Voltage / Current Input Signal
Accessories for Signal Converters, Transmitters
DC Voltage / Current Input Signal Converter
DC Voltage / Current Output Signal Converter
Frequency Input Signal Converters, Transmitters
RTD Input Signal Converter
Slidewire/Potentiometer/Thermistor Input Signal Converter
Software Support for Signal Converters, Transmitters
Strain Gauge Load Cell Input Signal Converter
Thermistor Input Signal Converters, Transmitters
Thermocouple Input Signal Converters, Transmitters
Universal Input Signal Converters, Transmitters
milliVolt Input Signal Converters, Transmitters
Temperature Transmitters
Accessories for Universal Input
RTD Input
Software Support for Universal Input
Thermistor Input
Thermocouple Input
Universal Input
USB Isolator
Structural Health Monitoring Solutions
Vibration Controller for Shaker Tables
Power Amplifiers for Shakers
Software for Vibration Controllers
Vibration and Shock Recorder
Wind Turbine Monitoring
Wireless Sensor Systems
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Sensor Nodes
Wireless Sensor Software
Product Suppliers
Crystal Rugged
Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems & Software
Huntron Instruments
LORD Microstrain
Sensors by FUTEK