Portable Spectrum Analyser RL-R19

Weighing only 2.3 kilos, this DAQ System and Spectrum Analyzer is light enough to move around the factory floor from machine to machine with little effort.

It is intended for capturing, registering, and analysing vibration data and other processes.

The Rula-Tech RL-R19 is a Portable Spectrum Analyser.  Perfect for examining the vibration condition of machines, bearings and gear defects.  Firstly, it captures data from vibration sensors, examines and identifies defects and balances rotors of machines and mechanisms.

Secondly, by building up the software of RL-R19 devices enables forming a set of functional options intended to solve specific problems. The only required option is Basic Software.  Other options may be combined any configuration.


The following options for the Portable Spectrum Analyser are available:

  • Basic Software (allows the making and viewing recordings)
  • Part Octave Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Balancing
  • Signal Generator
  • Repeater
  • Automatic Measurements
  • Filtration
  • Shock Analysis
  • Sychronisation




Number of measuring channels4-8
Range of Measure Signals±20 V
Mode of measuring channelsIEPE, Linear, Single-ended
Logical inputs and outputs4 inputs and 4 outputs
Screen resolution640 x 480 pixels
Screen diagonal5.7 inches
Battery capacity≥ 8000 mAh



Sensor typeIEPE, linear
FRF non-linearity (1kHz) in the≤ 2dB
Range1 to 40,000 Hz
FRF non linearity (1kHz) in the≤ 5dB
Range1 to 60,000 Hz



Frequency RangeDC, 0.1 to 60,000 Hz
DAC/ADC Resolution24 bits
Temperature Range-30 to 60°C
Dimensions260 x 152 x 55 mm
Weight2.3 Kg
Power supplyAutonomous (>8 hours) 230V

AC 12-36V DC V


Finally for more information on the RL-R19 Portable Spectrum Analyser, contact us.

Sprectrum Analyser