Real Time Data Acquisition System – R8RT

DEWESoft bring the worlds of Data Acquisition and Control closer together with the R8RT a Real Time Data Acquisition System.

It is a high channel DAQ system with high-end signal conditioning, powerful computer, SSD data logger, and low latency data output capability for 3rd party EtherCAT real-time controllers..


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The DEWESoft RTR8 is a Real Time Data Acquisition System.  Firstly, it includes an additional EtherCAT slave port on the backplane of the R8RT. Through this port,  real time data can be accessed directly from the Data Acquisition System via the EtherCAT® slaves completely bypassing the Computer.

Traditionally, an additional control system I/O’s would be required.  In order, to bring data from analogue sensors to test bench controllers.   However, with the R8RT, this is done faster, cheaper and more accurately by feeding the data in real-time over EtherCAT to the controller.  Therefore, the traditional system is no longer required.

Secondly, the R8RT requires fewer cables and is easy to configure.  A single cable from DAQ to Controller will save time and reduce the chances of human error.  Being an all-in-one instrument for in-vehicle test bench use, the R8RT is very cost effective.

The R8RT will improve signal quality with perfectly conditioned signals.  Transmitted to the test bench controller over EtherCAT instead of analogue.  Finally, it can be recorded and analysed in DEWESoft Software (link to Dual Mode).

Therefore, making the R8RT Real Time Data Acquisition System, the perfect instrument for test routines.

Finally, Metromatics sell, support and service the Dewesoft Product range in Australia and New Zealand.  We would be happy to guide you in the perfect Dewesoft Data Acquisition System for your application.  Give us a call.

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