Real Time Data Acquisition & Control

The Dewesoft IOLITE is a real time data acquisition and control front-end system for industrial applications. All-in-one solution for real-time control and feedback monitoring.

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Real Time Data Acquisition & Control

The Dewesoft Iolite is a real time data acquisition and control front-end system for industrial applications. An All-in-one solution for real-time control and feedback monitoring

Main Features of the Dewesoft Iolite is

  • DUAL ETHERCAT: IOLITE uses two EtherCAT buses in parallel. Firstly, the EtherCAT primary bus is used for full speed buffered data acquisition to a computer. Secondly, the EtherCAT secondary bus used for real-time data to any 3rd party control system.
  • GREAT SIGNAL CONDITIONING: IOLITE features high-quality amplifiers which also offer great signal quality and up to 20 kHz sampling rate.
  • REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY: An integrated redundant power supply enables superior system reliability.
  • MULTIPLE CHASSIS OPTION: IOLITE R12 is configured to a 19-inch cabinet compatible chassis. It can fit up to 12 IOLITE I/O Amplifier Modules. IOLITE R8 and R8R configured in an aluminium compatible chassis. Perfect for field use and can fit up to 8 IOLITE DAQ Slots.
  • GREAT PRICE/PERFORMANCE: IOLITE offers great price/performance ratio and is suitable for test-bed and industrial applications.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy to use, robust functionality, award-winning DEWESoft X software is included. Hence, the software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs. Therefore, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage and analysis capabilities.
  • LARGE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: Labelled to run at -10°C to 50°C. However, certain configurations operate in larger range of -40°C to +85°C.


IOLITE R12 chassis can be configured with 12 amplifier modules and IOLITE R8 chassis with 8. The following high-quality amplifiers are available:

  • 6xSTG: Universal analog and strain gauge amplifiers. Compatible with DSI adapters for IEPE, Thermocouple, RTD, LVDT, current measurements.
  • 8xSTGS: 8-channel strain gauge module. Supports full, half, quarter bridge, and potentiometer configurations.
  • 8xLV: Isolated 8-channel voltage module. General-purpose voltage input with high accuracy and high channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation.
  • 16xLV: 16-channel voltage input module with a terminal block connector and channel to ground isolation.
  • 8xLA: 8-channel isolated current input module with BNC or terminal block connector and.
  • 8xTH: Isolated universal thermocouple amplifier. Supports any thermocouple type sensors.
  • 8xRTD: Isolated universal PTx temperature, resistance, and voltage input module.
  • 16xAO: 16-channel analog output module for industrial applications with ±10 V voltage output channels.
  • 32xDI: 32 channel digital input module.
  • 32xDO: 32 channel digital output module with the watchdog functionality.
  • 8xDI 4xDO: Digital input and output modiule.
  • 4xCNT: 4 channel digital counter input with SuperCounter® technology.

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