USB Data Acquisition System – DEWE-43A

The DEWE-43 is a small yet versatile USB Data Acquisition System. It weighs just over 0.5kg with tiny footprint and has 8 Universal Dynamic Analogue Inputs with each having a 24-bit AD Converter for simultaneous sampling at the highest resolution. It is rugged but also light for maximum portablility

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The DEWE-43A is an USB Data Acquisition System.  It is the ideal solution for demanding dynamic data acquisition applications, when you need something great specifications, and yet with a small and budget friendly footprint. The inputs are “universal” type, which can handle strain gauges and voltages up to +/-10V natively. Use DEWESoft’s tiny DSI adapters and convert any of them to a different input type.  This is including IEPE accelerometer inputs, 200V inputs, RTD’s and thermocouples (see inputs section for details).

Main Features of the DEWE-43 USB Data Acquisition System is


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