We pride ourselves in designing and creating world-leading technology solutions that keep running when you need them most.

Metromatics, leaders in computing, technology and embedded solutions.

Since 1989, Metromatics has been working with customers to provide purpose-built, industry- leading solutions that survive the toughest environments and provide the most accurate analytics.

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Our Vision is to be successful, innovative and the best solutions provider to our customers.

Our focus is to establish & maintain a close working relationship with our clients.  We strive to deliver high-quality products built in-house and by our suppliers.  Our necktie vape 30ml e saft _ weisse traube continuous goal is to always provide our clients with the best solution possible.


Our Operations

Our Head Office is located in a in a purpose built 2000 sq/m office in North Lakes Brisbane, Queensland.  Our head office staff includes corporate, sales, admin, engineering, production, service & warehouse staff.

Other Sales and Support offices are located in Melbourne, Sydney, & Adelaide.
Metromatics has a fantastic team of sales, engineering, production and service specialists with a range of industry experience who strive to achieve the goals and desired results of our customers.
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Our Design Capabilities

Metromatics is capable of design in all areas – mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. One of Metromatics key design capabilities is the use of 3D modelling tools for virtual cable looming and routing.
It allows us to virtually prototype not just the cabinet metal work but the wiring and looming. Read More


Our Project Management

Metromatics are experienced in the area of Project Design and Management. Our project managers ensure that the project runs smoothly, by determining the project milestones, liaising with the customer
and identifying what tasks need to be completed and at what stage, in order for the project to completed in a timely manner. They manage our Purchasing Officers and Document Control staff to enable the timely delivery of high quality Military grade Products and documentation deliverables. All documentation is developed and controlled in accordance with best practice defence configuration management principles. Read More


Our Systems Integration

Our System Engineers are experienced in Systems Integration from product concept, to identifying strategies, overcoming challenges, and testing to the final product roll out.

Metromatics has experience with a range of different projects – such as the design, build, project management and systems integration.
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Our Quality

Metromatics design and manufacture quality products to ensure reliable service for the lifetime of your project. Through our vetting process; Metromatics only represent quality suppliers providing you the best outcome for your application.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values are teamwork, accountability and innovation.

Ready to get more done? Take your team’s imagination and productivity to the next level with Metromatics.

Our Customers:

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