Rugged Anti Condensation Heater

The Metromatics Rugged Anti-Condensation Heater is designed to protect delicate and expensive Military Electronic Equipment housed in Electronic Enclosures from condensation and moisture damage.

It is a 2RU 19” Rackmountable Rugged Product that is built to military shock and vibration standards; MIL-STD-901D & MIL-STD-167.  With Non Hexavalent Corrosion Treatment & Powdercoating, it is available in two models; 115VAC, 60Hz or 230VAC, 50Hz.

The Removal of Condensation from the Electronic Enclosure is achieved through the 250W of thermostat controlled convection (Anti-Condensation Heater).

The Anti Condensation Heater eliminates the creation of water vapour inside the enclosure by keeping the internal temperature above the dew point.  Firstly, Moisture is the formation of condensate during low temperature and/or high humidity conditions.  Secondly, removal of condensation is achieved via thermostat-controlled convection.  However, it may also provide protection against frost in extreme low temperature conditions.

Rugged Anti Condensation Heater

Secondly, if there is no Anti Condensation Heater inside the enclosure – mould, corrosion, damage or short circuiting of the electronics in the enclosure can appear.  As well as the worst case scenario, Fire.

Features include:

  • Choice of 2 models – 230VAC (50Hz) or 115VAC  (60Hz)
  • Up to 250 W of Heating Capacity
  • 2.4 Amps of Maximum Current
  • Operating Temperature -25° to +70°C
  • 2RU Rackmountable
  • Built to MIL-STD-901D & MIL-STD-167


Finally, the Metromatics Anti Condensation Heater has been successfully installed in our 19” Light Racks & Consoles that we manufacture and supply to the Australian Defence Forces and their Primes. It is also suitable for any other Electronic Enclosures on the market.

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Further more, read this blog on Anti Condensation Heaters for Electrical Enclosures or watch the video below to learn more.




Metromatics design and manufacture:

  • Light Weight System Racks and Consoles
  • High Bright Sunlight Readable Industrial LCD Displays under our brand name MetroSpec
  • MIL-STD Large Format Displays & Out in field displays
  • Rugged metal structures / enclosures, displays, computers and power supplies
  • System Engineering Solutions – comprising of concept, design, integrating & wiring industrial computer products and testing to provide the ultimate customer solution




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