Anti-Condensation Heaters for Electrical Enclosures

Anti Condensation Heaters for Electrical Enclosures

Metromatics, a leading manufacturer of Custom made MIL-STD 19” Electronic Enclosures and Consoles, have developed a MIL-STD Rugged Anti-Condensation Heater for Electronic / Electrical Enclosures.  Whilst there were plenty of Anti Condensation Heaters available in the market, none were suitably qualified to operate reliably in extreme conditions.

The purpose of the Anti-Condensation Heater in an Electronic Electrical Enclosure is to eliminate water vapour build up.   Firstly, achieved by Thermostat Controlled Convection.  By maintaining a consistent internal temperature within the heated enclosure.  Otherwise, with condensation in electrical enclosures comes the issue of mould, corrosion, short circuiting of electronics, failure and even possibly fire. You can’t risk that! and that is why a heater enclosure is installed.

Our Rugged Electronic / Electrical Enclosures used by the Australian Defence Forces are installed on Naval Vessels and Submarines.  Ruggedness and Reliability are key factors in these situations. The Electronics Enclosures used by the Defence Forces, house Electronic Systems (worth thousands of dollars) and some items are critical to the operation of the vessel, so failure due to condensation is not an option.

Our Anti-Condensation Heaters for Electrical Enclosures are 2RU 19” Rack mountable Rugged Product.  They are built to Military shock and vibration standards (MIL-STD-901D & MIL-STD-167) with non hexavalent corrosion treatment and powder coating.  Operating Temperature ranges from -25°C to +70°C.  Thirdly, it is available in two models; 115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50 Hz.

Successfully installed on many units. Suitable for any other Electrical / Electronic Enclosures in the market that requires a level of ruggedness.

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