Wind Turbine Monitoring

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems are used for monitoring the Structural Health and remotely detecting changing conditions of wind turbines.

The Dewesoft are manufacturers of flexible data acquisition hardware platforms combined with powerful software. One of the applications in where they are used, are on offshore wind turbines and wind turbine farms.  These systems provide online wind turbine condition monitoring, vibration monitoring and wind turbine structural health monitoring.  The aim is to achieve a reduction in the cost of wind energy and a return on investment.

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Dewesoft Wind Turbine Monitoring solutions provide a remote monitoring turnkey solution.  Firstly, consisting of DAQ Systems, Data Loggers to sensors together with windows-based data processing and high level cloud based easy to use monitoring software.

Dewesoft offer several solutions.

Condition Monitoring

The first one is Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring.  It is aimed at detecting changes in wind turbine behaviour as early as possible.  With the main goal of predicting developing faults to minimise the degrading of performance along with a massive replacement invoice.  This is achieved by constant monitoring of specific parameters.  Then comparing these against parameters recorded during “normal” operation.  The Condition Monitoring focus is the drivetrain components of the Wind Turbine.  Monitoring rotating machinery items such as Shafts, Bearings, Gearboxes and Generators.

Structural Health Monitoring

The second one is Wind Turbine Structural Health Monitoring.  This is the monitoring of structural components such as foundations, blades and towers.  Failure to do so can affect the operational costs of the wind turbine or result in a tower collapse.  Critical monitoring of these factors is Offshore Wind Turbines.  As these items are exposed to harsher environmental elements and therefore pose a higher risk.

Vibration Monitoring

Another commonly measured technique is Wind Turbine Vibration monitoring.  This is because most damage in rotating machinery are reflected at higher vibration levels.  Generally, a higher vibration frequency is highlighting a developing fault. Data is collected to perform Operational Mondal Analysis Technique to detect developing faults.  Changes in geometric and stiffness properties are changes in modal properties such as modal shapes, damping rations and natural frequencies.

There are several suitable Dewesoft monitoring instrumentation items for wind turbines.  For example the IOLITE-3xMEMS-ACC is a 3 axial accelerometer with integrated data acquisition.  It is specifically designed for vibration monitoring of structures.  DewesoftX data processing software offers a wide range of vibration math capabilities.  Export options facilitate the performance of Operational Modal Analysis and assessment of structural health.


Key Features of Wind Turbine Monitoring

COMPLETE TURN-KEY SOLUTION: Highly accurate signal conditioning systems, data acquisition and processing software, sensors, and accessories that are used in structural health and condition monitoring of wind turbine towers.

DISTRIBUTED MEASUREMENT DEVICES:  Firstly, Dewesoft devices are designed to be distributed under any condition. Secondly, EtherCAT technology allows devices to be placed near the sensors and connected with a single cable for power, data, and synchronisation. The cable can span up to 100m between DAQ nodes or virtually unlimited using EtherCAT to fibre optic converters.

SUPPORT FOR ANY SENSOR: input amplifiers offer support for any strain gauge, low-frequency accelerometer, temperature, weather, wind power, and wind turbine performance monitoring sensors.

PERFECTLY SYNCHRONISED DATA: All data channels are synchronised well below microsecond accuracy, which is required for deep structural analysis.

AMAZING DYNAMIC RANGE: They offer amplifiers with dynamic ranges up to 160dB.

WIDE VARIETY OF CONFIGURATIONS: Plus Dewesoft offer DAQ devices that are extremely rugged with IP67 protection to cost-effective solutions. A tailored approach for virtually any structure with the possibility to monitor and analyse thousands of data points.

POWERFUL SOFTWARE: DewesoftX software offers real-time diagnosis, pre-processing and data reduction with powerful math. A wide variety of storage options are possible with powerful visualisation choices.

OPEN INTERFACES: Also by using DewesoftX, data is available in a wide variety of standard data formats. They can stream out live data via OPC UA interface, Rest API, or modern cloud data services.

REMOTE OPERATION: The entire system can be remotely operated offering triggered storing, alarms, and other monitoring features with capabilities to store data locally or at distant remote locations.

LIFETIME FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADES: Dewesoft’s data acquisition comes bundled with their award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software package is always evolving and new features are being added. They offer lifetime free software upgrades to all our users.


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