Condition Monitoring Data Acquisition Device IOLITE 2xASI

The IOLITE® 2xASI is a condition monitoring data acquisition device.  It is a combination of a vibration sensor and data acquisition system.

This product provides condition monitoring solution for gearboxes, fans, motors, blowers and other rotating machinery in industries such as automotive, mining, pulp, paper, iron, steel, chemical, cement, HVAC, facility management and power production.

The Dewesoft IOLITE® 2xASI is a Condition Monitoring Data Acquisition device that features two analog sensor inputs and one tacho input.  Firstly, this device works together with an ASI-1xVIB-50g vibration probe with a 10 kHz accelerometer and temperature sensor (IP66 rated with -20 to +85°C temperature range). In addition, this solution is paired with the DewesoftX Software.  This provides an easy-to-use machine conditioning monitoring set-up.

In addition, a microprocessor inside the IOLITE® 2xASI module transmits data samples over EtherCAT protocol using CAT6 cables to the DewesoftX Data acquisition software on a Windows PC.   Alternatively, it can transmit data to any 3rd party controller running an EtherCAT master on any platform.

Secondly, the IOLITE® 2xASI and ASI-VIB-50g are perfect for detecting faults on different types of machinery.  Such as bearing faults, overheating, shaft unbalance, detached mounting, gear tooth failure, load misalignment, stator eccentricity and other machine catastrophic failures.

Features of IOLITE® 2xASI Conditioning Monitoring Data Acquisition Device include:

HIGH BANDWIDTH: Monitoring of Acceleration from 0 Hz up to 10 kHz is achieved by using the IOLITE 2xASI with the ASI-1xVIB-50g sensor.  Perfect for condition monitoring of bearings, fan blades or other low to high-speed rotating equipment.

LOW NOISE DENSITY: Feature low noise performance of 25 ug/Hz spectral noise density. The RMS noise in the range from 10Hz to 10kHz is 3mg.

VERSATILE MEASURMENTS: IOLITE 2xASI and ASI 1xVIB-50g are a great combination to monitor the acceleration, velocities, displacements, speed, and temperature of machinery.

DISTRIBUTABLE: CAT6 Cable enables multiple devices can be synchronised and spread over large distances.  This single cable can span up to 50M node-to-node.  Alternatively, optical converters offer greater distance of more than 20km.  Whilst, maintaining a 1us synchronisation between devices.

SOFTWARE INCLUDED FREE: Comes with DewesoftX data acquisition software.  Easy to use and feature rich.  All updates are free forever.  No hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.


Finally, to learn more about the Dewesoft IOLITE® 2xASI, click more information.  Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.
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