Rackmountable DAQ System R3

The R3 is a Rackmountable DAQ system built into standard PC computer chassis and integrated SIRIUS data acquisition slices. This means simple do it yourself upgrades of standard off the shelf PC components can be installed to build exactly the system you require – items such as CPU, Memory, Graphic Cards and hard drives.

Metromatics proudly sell and support this product and the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.

The Dewesoft R3 is a Rackmountable DAQ System. Firstly, this data acquisition system is built around the Dewesoft SIRIUS DAQ technology platform. It features DualCoreADC® analog inputs with 160dB dynamic range. Also, with acquisition speeds of 200 kHz per channel. Or optional high-speed amplifiers with speeds up to 1 MHz per channel.

Secondly, the R3 chassis can hold up to 3 x SIRIUS DAQ Slices. Giving you a total of 48 analog channels, 24 count/encoder channels, 72 digital channels and 3 high speed CAN bus ports. There are a range of different amplifiers available for virtually any signal and sensor. For example: IEPE, Charge, Voltage, High Voltage, Current, Strain & Stress, Full Bridge, Half Bridge, Thermocouple and Counter & Encoders.

Main Features of the SIRIUS® R3 Rackmountable DAQ System include:

  • Signal Conditioning: This product is built around SIRIUS DAQ technology. Therefore it features the same versatile and power amplifiers for world leading signal conditioning.
  • 48 Analog Inputs (or up to): Can be configured with up to 3 x SIRIUS DAQ Slices for a total of 32 analog inputs for virtually any sensor
  • Up to 24 Counter/Encoder Inputs: Up to 16 counter/encoder or 48 digital input channels
  • Up to 3 Isolated CAN Ports: Up to 3 high speed CAN 2.0b channels with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput with additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939 and CAN Output
  • PC Computer Inside: built with off the shelf computer components to enable easy upgrade of components as required.
  • 19” Rackmountable: Included in PC Chassis and mounted in any 19” rack cabinet
  • Sensor Power Supply: Each channel provides power for sensor excitation.
  • Digital/Counter/Encoder Inputs: Each Channel is capable of 3 x digital inputs, 1 x even counter, encoder, period, pulse width, duty cycle. Precise frequency and angle measurement use patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology.
  • Fully Synchronised: Each channel, either analog, digital or CAN is synchronized with microsecond accuracy. In addition, multiple SIRIUS devices can be daisy chained and synchronised.
  • Software Included with Free Lifetime Upgrades: The Dewesoft X Software included. This award winning easy to use software offers lifetime FREE software upgrades.

Finally, for further technical information on this fantastic product, click the more information button. Otherwise, Contact us and we will happily tell you more what the SIRIUS R3 can do.

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