Dewesoft Data Acquisition Video Cameras

Dewesoft supports Standard and high speed video cameras (DirectX and GigE), thermal cameras for temperature acquisition and visualisation plus Ultra High Speed Video Synchronization. Ideal for applications such as: Vehicle Dynamics, Machine Diagnosis, Preventive Maintenance, Automotive Crash Testing, Manufacturing and Logistic and Transportation.

Metromatics supply, service and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.

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Data Acquisition Video Cameras

High-speed and rugged data acquisition video cameras with full synchronisation capability and real time picture compression.  Hence, they provide unparalleled support to Dewesoft Data Acquisition Hardware Products and interface with Dewesoft X3 Software.

Main Features

  • HIGH-SPEED VIDEO: DS-CAM cameras offer high-speed video with up to 333 FPS @ Full HD resolution. Also, lowering the resolution you can achieve up to 600 FPS.
  • 333 FPS @ FULL HD: Dewesoft’s highest performance camera offers high-performance colour video. Therefore, CMOS sensor delivers 333 FPS at Full HD resolution.
  • SYNCHRONISED TO ANALOGUE: Cameras offer hardware synchronisation link to all our analogue data acquisition instruments like SIRIUS and KRYPTON. Video and analogue data can be perfectly synchronised frame by frame.
  • IP67 DEGREE OF PROTECTION: DS-CAM-600 is available in IP67 version. Also it’s fully waterproof, dustproof and ready for applications in harsh environments.
  • REAL-TIME JPEG COMPRESSION: Cameras have onboard, real-time JPEG compression and offer real-time video streaming directly to computer’s hard drive.
  • MULTIPLE SYNCHRONISED CAMERAS: Solution offers the possibility to use multiple cameras synchronised. Systems with 8 cameras at 333 FPS at Full HD resolution are possible.
  • DIRECT X CAMERA SUPPORT: Dewesoft also offers free support for all DirectX compatible cameras.  Video from this cameras will be software synced to analogue and other sources with ~10ms accuracy.
  • THERMO VISION CAMERAS:  Dewesoft’s video engine also supports infrared thermal cameras.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: The software is included and easy to use but yet very robust in functionality. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs.  Bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage and analysis capabilities


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