Battery Powered Wireless Accelerometer

The G-LINK-200-R is a battery powered wireless accelerometer with 3 Axis. It provides low noise waveform data making it ideal for vibration, impact and motion riding applications.

Plus it complies with ASTM F2137 so it is specifically suited to monitor amusement rides and roller coasters.

The Lord MicroStrain G-LINK-200-R is a 3 Axis Wireless Accelerometer.  Housed in a rugged IP67 weatherproof enclosure with stainless steel base. Complying with ASTM F2137, used to monitor the characteristics of roller coasters and amusement rides. Firstly, this high performance wireless accelerometer has a DC to 1KHz bandwidth with a +/- 20g input range along with low noise density of 80 µg/√Hz. Plus a programmable -80db / decade low pass filter and on board temperature sensor.

Other standout features of the Battery Powered Wireless Accelerometer G-LINK-200-R includes:

  • Sampling Rate of up to 1kHz (adjustable)
  • Continous and event triggered operation
  • Also contains LXRS Protocol preventing data loss
  • Up to 8 Million Data Points for Data Logging
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • ¼ 28 UNF Mounting hole or optional magnetic base
  • Also, Wireless range up to 1km.


Lord MicroStrain Wireless Sensor networks operate in demanding industries where reliable data acquisition is critical. Therefore, compliance for ASTM F2137, FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (European Union includes RoHS), MIC (Japan). Finally, this system allows you to remotely configure nodes and view sensor data with SensorConnect (PC), SensorCloud (web) or MSCL (API Library) Other applications where this product may be used include: Acceleration and Vibration Monitoring Standardised Amusement Ride Characterisation Test (SARC) Impact and Event Monitoring Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

Finally, for further information, contact us.


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