Custom Software

Customising Software to control, communicate and report on our display products.

Our MetroSpec Network Monitoring Software (NMS) integrates with our MetroSpec LCD Displays or can be integrated into your own display solution and allows our customers to have remote network monitoring and control of their displays.

Need to know when your information displays are down or why they aren’t working? Our Network Monitoring Software puts you back in control.

Customised Network Monitoring

Customisation of the Network Monitoring Software is made possible by use of the configurable inputs and outputs of our MetroSpec Monitoring Interface Card.

3rd Party Connection

Communicate to 3rd Party hardware such as temperature, power, shock sensors, doors, alarms, fans, modems and much more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Data can be monitored in Real-Time or can be logged and graphed as proof of service and delivery.

Outage Monitoring

Outages are indicated by notifications & alarms and are acknowledged and delivered to an engineer or maintenance personnel for further investigation.

Error Tracking

NMS is responsible for tracking errors between units sited in the network centre whether they are wired or wireless and do not depend on customer’s back end servers.

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