Structural Health Monitoring Systems

The IOLITE 3XMEMS is a data acquisition device specifically for structural health monitoring systems.  It consists of low noise triaxial MEMS Accelerometers and Inclinometers.

It is ideal for permanent condition monitoring on structures such as bridges, buildings, antennas, and stadiums.

The Dewesoft IOLITE 3XMEMS-ACC are structural Health Monitoring Systems with an integrated sensing device.  Firstly, a triaxial MEMS accelerometer is inside the device.  Attached to a mechanical chassis.  That measures acceleration.  Analog to digital conversion done inside the device.  Therefore, eliminating noise in the analog cabling.

Secondly, the microprocessor inside the unit transmits the acceleration samples over into DewesoftX software running on a Windows PC.  Or alternatively to any controller running EtherCAT master on any platform.  Scaling is automatic.  Therefore, any data in g or m/s2 is available for the user immediately.

Thirdly, an internal temperature sensor measures the temperature of the MEMS accelerometer.  Finally, this information is display inside the DewesoftX Data Acquisition Software as a System Monitor Channel.  Values updated once per second.

Main Features of the Structural Health Monitoring Systems include:

ALL-IN-ONE: IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC is a data acquisition device with an embedded triaxial MEMS accelerometer, analog-to-digital conversion, and EtherCAT interface based on the IOLITE Modular DAQ device platform.

LOW NOISE DENSITY: The IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC devices has a very low noise performance of 25 μg√Hz noise density. Whilst the IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC-S has ultra low spectral noise density of 0.7 μg√Hz. Making it a cost effective solution for seismic measurements and comparable to the best Force balanced accelerometers.

VELOCITY & DISPLACEMENT: IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC are DC response accelerometers.  Therefore, they can measure static accelerations starting from 0Hz.  In addition, software calculations in DewsoftX allow you to calculate velocity and displacements.  As well as static pitch, roll angles from the DC acceleration values.

GREAT PRICE VS. PERFORMANCE: The device offers a good price vs. performance ratio and is thus perfect for dynamic acceleration, velocity, displacement, and static inclination monitoring.

VERSATILE MEASUREMENT: The device can measure acceleration in the X, Y, and Z axes. Software calculations in Dewesoft X allow you to calculate velocity and displacements as well as static pitch and roll angles from the DC acceleration values.

WATERPROOF ENCLOSURE: Fully waterproof enclosure IP67 rated. With waterproof aluminium casing with cable glands. The enclosure is for permanent outdoor condition monitoring.

PERFECT SYNCHRONISATION:  IOLITE 3xMEMS are EtherCAT based devices.  Therefore, synchronised down to 1μs device to device.  This is crucial when performing Operational Modal Analysis.  This is because OMA helps us understand structural dynamics.  Such as natural frequencies, modal shapes and damping ratios.

DISTRIBUTABLE: Multiples of this product can be distributed and synchronized over large structures.  One CAT6 cable up to 50M in length can be connected node-to-node.  However, using optical converters enable distance of more than 20km between devices can be covered.  Even whilst still keeping a 1us synchronisation between devices.

SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: The easy-to-use but rich in functionality, award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included. All software upgrades are free forever with no hidden licensing or maintenance costs.


To get the technical breakdown of the IOLITE® 3xMEMS Structural Health Monitoring System product, click more information.  Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.


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