USB DAQ – Dewesoft Sirius Mini

The SIRIUS Mini Data Acquisition is the perfect solution USB DAQ for those quick measurements. Take it anywhere along with your lap top as no external power is required (powered by USB). It contains 4 Analogue Inputs or 3 Digital Inputs and 1 Digital Output. Option of SBOX PC or any other external PC and Display.

Metromatics sell and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.


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USB DAQ – Dewesoft Sirius Mini

The Perfect USB DAQ is the Dewesoft Sirius Mini.  Firstly, it is small and highly portable. Secondly, a USB powered data acquisition system ideal for acoustic, vibration, and rotating machinery analysis.

Main features

  • SMALLEST DAQ: SIRIUS mini is DeweSoft’s smallest, 4-channel data acquisition system, mainly suitable for acoustic, vibration, and angle measurements.
  • UNMATCHED PRICE: SIRIUS mini ships off-the-shelf with high-quality signal conditioning and world-leading, Hence, award-winning data acquisition software for the best price on the market.
  • USB POWERED: SIRIUS mini does not require any external power supply. A laptop used to power the USB Connection.
  • 4 IEPE/VOLTAGE INPUTS: Configured with 4 high dynamic analogue inputs, dual sigma-delta ADC’s with 200 kHz per channel sampling rate and up to 160 dB dynamic range.
  • COUNTER/ENCODER/DIGITAL INPUTS: Configured with one counter/encoder input and is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle. Precise frequency and angle measurement use patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Award-winning DEWESoft X3 software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs.  Therefore, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage and analysis capabilities.


Finally the SIRIUS Mini is the perfect instrument for sound and noise recording.  This is because it has high 160 dB dynamic range and analog inputs for IEPE microphones and sound intensity probes.  Ideal for applications such  as: Sound level meter, sound intensity, sound quality, octave band analysis and reverberation time RT60.


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