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Dewesoft offer CAN and CAN FD Bus interfaces and analysers. These USB and EtherCAT CAN bus devices are for the analysis of CAN bus data. They have easy to use CAN bus software with optional support for OBDII, J1939, XCP/CCP, CAN transmit, and reading of CAN DBC files.

These CAN devices are available in single or multi-channel versions. Housed in a compact chassis and rated IP67 making them dustproof, waterproof and shock proof.

CAN and CAN FD are standard automotive CAN Bus interfaces. Therefore, often used for analysing and inspecting vehicle bus data. Data is captured from all the supported interfaces. Synchronised with other sources like analog, video, and others.

Firstly, Dewesoft USB and EtherCAT CAN bus devices support receiving and transmitting CAN 2.0b and CAN FD data at the full speed of 1 Mbit/s per channel. In addition, all CAN bus channels are isolated. Therefore, worry-free CAN acquisition in noisy environment with maximum signal quality can occur.

Supported automotive interfaces include: CAN Bus Analysers, OBDII on CAN, J1939 and J1587, CAN FD Bus Analysers, XCP/CCP, LIN bus, FlexRay, Kistler KiRoad, MTS road simulator integration, Testbed AK-protocol support, ETAS INCA over CAN, and SENT (SAE J2716).

The Dewesoft SIRIUS, DEWE-43A, MINITAUR offer dedicated CAN bus ports in their analog data acquisition systems. For a more rugged approach, the KRYPTON ONE, are single channel CAN and CAN-FD bus interfaces based on EtherCAT protocol.

Main Features of the CAN Bus Interfaces:

  • PLUG-AND-PLAY CAN INTERFACES: CAN interfaces are robust and easy to use. Simply connect CAN device to the USB port of your laptop or any Dewesoft SBOX or KRYPTON CPU computers and the device will be recognised automatically and ready to use.
  • 1, 2, 4, 9 or 18 CAN PORTS: Various CAN devices with 1, 2, 4, 9 or 18 CAN ports are available. In addition, Multiple CAN devices joined together to expand to provide more CAN ports. These units can be synchronised at the same time.
  • HIGH-SPEED ISOLATED CAN DEVICES: Uses high speed CAN 2.0b standard. Also they are galvanically isolated. Therefore, protecting the instrument and connected devices from ground loops and other electrical disturbances.
  • FANLESS CHASSIS AVAILABLE: While 2 and 4 port CAN port are fanless by default. The 8 port CAN device can be built into fanless aluminium chassis with an IP50 degree of protection.
  • OBDII, J1939, AND XCP SUPPORT: All CAN interfaces offer an additional J1939 standard support. However, OBDII on CAN is supported on Dewesoft USB type CAN devices.
  • FLEXRAY and XCP/CCP: Additional automotive protocols XCP/CCP are supported without additional hardware. FlexRay interface is available using third-party hardware.
  • CAN OUTPUT: The USB type CAN bus device can be switched from read only to read, write and acknowledge to output CAN messages.
  • RAW CAN DATA ANALYSER: The included software includes a graphic user interface. This provides easy CAN decoding and finding CAN messages without a CAN DBC file.
  • DBC FILE SUPPORT: Included Dewesoft X data acquisition software enables easy read of DBC files which will automatically set CAN channels.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Awarding winning DewesoftX Data Acquisition Software comes with every Dewesoft Data Acquisition System. Easy to use and rich in functionality. Software updates are free forever. No hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

CAN FD Analyzer

Firstly, due to the bandwidth requirement of new automotive applications increasing. Therefore, Automotive manufacturers have introduced CAN FD in new cars. CAN FD has increased data clock rates and larger data payloads. In addition, CAN-FD handles the increase of sensors inside the vehicle.

KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD is a single port CAN FD device that uses EtherCAT as a data interface. It supports high-speed CAN interface with data rates up to 8 Mbps. Besides this, CAN FD also supports the CAN2.0 communication protocol as well as special protocols such as J1939, where CAN out is used as read-only.

The new KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD uses galvanically isolated communication lines and an isolated sensor supply of +5 V and +12 V. Power limit for the sensor supply is 1.4 W.

This product is the latest member of the award-winning KRYPTON ONE product line. Designed for extreme conditions with an operating temperature range between -40°C and +85 °C and IP67 rating.

Finally, to learn more about the Different CAN Bus Interface Models, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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