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DEWESoft USB CAN 2.0b Interfaces are powerful and easy to use. The perfect plug and play functionality means all CAN Interfaces will be transmitting and receiving data at full speed of 1Mbit/s per channel. All Channels are Isolated and IP65 Rated for extreme environments.

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CAN Interfaces by DEWESoft

The DEWESoft USB CAN 2.0b acquires and decodes CAN Messages.  There are three types of models, please see them in the table below

CAN bus   
ImageCAN InterfacesCAN InterfacesCAN Intefacesr
Number of ports248 + 1 (on the backplate)
Interface typeCAN 2.0B, up to 1 MBit/secCAN 2.0B, up to 1 MBit/secCAN 2.0B, up to 1 MBit/sec
Special applicationsOBDII, J1939, CAN outputOBDII, J1939, CAN outputOBDII, J1939, CAN output
Sampling rate> 10 kHz per channel (software selectable)> 10 kHz per channel (software selectable)> 10 kHz per channel (software selectable)
IsolationIsolated CAN BUS Isolated (Galvanic)Isolated (Galvanic)
* sensor supply Not Isolated
Bus pin fault protection±36V±36V (Bus Pin Fault Protection)±36V
General specs
Power supply6 * -36 V DC Max voltage 5.00±0.25 V, 2x USB2.0 standard9-36 V DC
*  Startup voltage 7VCombined Instrument & Sensor Power Supply consumption 5W max.
Maximum sensor power consumption6W5W 1W per channel
Maximum power consumption11W* limited with USB 2.0 standard6.5W (instrument) + 8W (sensor PS)
InterfaceUSB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Connector type9 pin D-SUB9 pin D-SUB9 pin D-SUB
Physical dimensions105x90x30 mm 145x139x64mm 266x139x64mm 
WeightWeight 230 g Weight 800 g 1316 g 
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +70°C-40°C to +70°C-40°C to +70°C
Humidity95% RH non condensing @ 60°C95% RH non condensing @ 60°C95% RH non condensing @ 60°C

The DEWESoft CAN Interfaces are ideal for in vehicle measurements especially when bundled with DEWESoft X Software which will provide

  • advanced recording, storing & analysis
  • online monitoring and decoding of CAN Messages
  • Visual Display for Display of CAN Results
  • Online Math and analysis of CAN Channels

Hardware synchronisation with other DEWESoft DAQ Instruments such as the SIRIUS, KRYPTON etc.

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