One Channel IP67 DAQ Modules

KRYPTON 1 from DEWESoft are the smallest IP67 DAQ modules in the world. They’re pocket size.  Which allows these instruments to be mounted in smallest possible places, right next to the sensors. Units are highly distributable, connected with a single channel for power, data and synchronisation. Together with Dewesoft X3 Software  – measurement has never been so easy!



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The Ruggedness of the Krypton Product Range

KRYPTON modules are extremely rugged and easily distributable. EtherCAT® DAQ modules engineered in order to operate flawlessly under all weather circumstances and in the harshest work conditions. The entire KRYPTON line is shock and vibration proof.  Milled out of a full block aluminium.  Sealed with rubber for complete protection. Part of the KRYPTON product line is also KRYPTON CPU – extremely rugged, powerful, distributed and IP67 rated data logger.

daq modules

KRYPTON 1 DAQ Modules are available in several varieties:

  • 1xACC Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with IEPE and voltage inputs. Input range is adjustable from 10 V to 0.2 V.
  • 1xSTG Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with strain gauge, voltage and current inputs. It features internal bridge completion for quarter and half-bridge measurements.  As well as voltage and current excitation. Voltage input range is adjustable between 50 V and 0.1 V.
  • 1xLV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with voltage inputs and adjustable input range bewteen 50 V and 0.1 V.
  • 1xHV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with high voltage input and fixed input range of 1000 V.
  • 1xTH-HV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with K-type thermocouple input and high voltage isolation.
  • 4xDI Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with 4 digital inputs and power supply on the front connector.
  • 4xDO Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with 4 digital outputs and power supply on the front connector.  Output type is open collector with max 2 A sink current.
  • 1xAO Single channel KRYPTON module with analogue voltage output. Output range is +-10 V and max current is 20 mA.
  • 1xCNT Single channel isolated KRYPTON  module with supercounter input.

daq modules

The main characteristics of KRYPTON ONE modules

  • The fastest KRYPTON: single-channel architecture allows a maximum sample rate of 40 kS/s.
  • Isolation: all analogue, fully isolated KRYPTON 1 modules.
  • Current input: 1xSTG includes internal shunt for two current input ranges (20 mA, 2 mA).
  • High current drive: 4xDO is capable of sinking 2A current to drive high loads.
  • Easy stacking: M4 hex key screws allow the modules to be stacked and tightened together.


Pricing against other Specialised 1-2 Channel Measurement Systems is competitive.

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