IOT Vibration Data Logger NEMOSENSE

The NEMOSENSE 3xMEMS-ACC is an IOT device.  It is a combination of a vibration data acquisition device, data logger and a low noise triaxial MEMS accelerometer.

This product provides a structural health monitoring and seismic monitoring solution.  However, it is ideal for permanent health condition monitoring on large structures.   Such as: Wind turbines, bridges, buildings, dams, antennas, stadiums, and structures in mines.

The Dewesoft NEMOSENSE 3xMEMS-ACC is a IOT Vibration Data Logger and Data Acquisition device based on triaxial MEMS accelerometer technology.

Firstly, it operates by acquiring the data and storing it on an internal SD Card in CSV file format.  No external computer is required.  The onboard microprocessor performs simple processing tasks such as FFT and basic statistics.  Data is transmitted to the server using MQTT protocol.

In addition, the product features an onboard ADC converter.  Therefore, analog to digital conversion is done on the device which eliminates any noise picked up in the analog cable.

Secondly, NEMOSENSE is built as an Ethernet TCP/IP Device.  Therefore, it can be connected to an existing TCP/IP network to send the data to the Dewesoft Historian Service.  The Historian is a time series database for long term storage.  If the wired-ethernet network is not available then an external 4G/5G modem can be used for data transfer.  In parallel, data can be accessed and analysed by award wining DewesoftX software.


Features of NEMOSENSE 3xMEMS-ACC IOT Vibration Data Logger includes:


ALL IN ONE DATA LOGGER: NEMOSENSE is a data logger, data acquisition device and embedded low noise triaxial MEMS accelerometer.  Performs analog to digital conversion and offers an ethernet TCP/IP data interface.

ON BOARD MICROPROCESSOR: The onboard Microprocessor allows setting up and calculations of simple equations.  Such as FFT’s, RMS, P-P and other statistical calculations.

LOW NOISE DENSITY: Feature low noise performance of 25 ug/Hz spectral noise density at the 2g measurement range.

INTERNAL STORAGE: 16 GB of internal storage memory.  Save up to 1 month of measured data at 125 S/s.

NTP SYNCHRONISATION: Devices connected on same network are synchronised within 10 ms using NTP synchronisation.

PRICE/PERFORMANCE RATIO: This product offers a good price vs performance ratio.  Therefore, perfect for system integrators and large continuous monitoring installations.

WATERPROOF ENCLOSURE:  IP67 rated.  Waterproof with Harting push-pull RJ45 connectors.


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