Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories

Providing all the necessary Data Acquisition Accessories for your DeweSoft Hardware Products such as:

  • Displays
  • Batteries
  • EtherCAT Accessories
  • Mounts
  • DSI Adapters



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Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories consists of a large range of items specifically for your Dewesoft Hardware.

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DSI Adaptors

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories - DSI Adaptors

TEDS equipped adaptors that turn any of the Dewesoft DSUB9 universal analogue inputs into direct IEPE, charges, thermocouple, shunt, voltage, LVDT or RTD input

EtherCAT Accessories

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories - EtherCAT Accessories

Power and Synchronisation accessories for KRYPTON and SIRIUS EtherCAT and USB Data Acquisition Systems

Battery packs

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Accessories - Battery Packs

Battery packs for DeweSoft Data Acquisition Systems for stand-alone, in-vehicle or remote test and measurement applications


Display Monitor

Rugged, high resolution LCD displays and display accessories for mobile, in-vehicle test and measurement applications.

Mounting Plates

Mounting Plates

Flexible and Robust Mounting Plates for Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems

DS WiFi – Wireless Data Acquisition


WiFi Data Acquisition


DS-WIFI device is a Wi-Fi modem for long-range wireless data transfer between Dewesoft’s data acquisition systems. It is perfectly suited for testing moving objects and for remote measurement applications.


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