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Image of an Aeronautical Telemetry System

About Aeronautical Telemetry

What is Aeronautical Telemetry? Aeronautical telemetry refers to the process of collecting and transmitting data from an aircraft or spacecraft to ground-based receivers in real-time.  These systems use electronic devices to collect data from aircrafts or spacecrafts during flight. This data …

Miniature S Beam Load Cell

Miniature S Beam Load Cell

The Miniature S Beam Load Cell LSB205 is made by FUTEK.  It is a tension and compression load cell.  Ideal for applications where  higher fatigue life and temperature compensation are issues. The miniature load cell has a heat treated stainless steel …

Dewesoft X3 SP7 3D Map Upgrade

Dewesoft X3 SP7 Software Product Release

Dewesoft has released a new version of their Dewesoft software to Dewesoft X3 SP7. The theme of this release is a host of major reworks across the existing Dewesoft module range. Therefore, there is a strong chance that one of the …