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What is Aeronautical Telemetry?

Aeronautical telemetry refers to the process of collecting and transmitting data from an aircraft or spacecraft to ground-based receivers in real-time.  These systems use electronic devices to collect data from aircrafts or spacecrafts during flight. This data can include information on the vehicle’s performance, location, environmental conditions, health, status of the aircraft and more.  Aeronautical telemetry systems collect this data using sensors located on the aircraft.  In turn, these sensors transmit the data via radio waves to a ground station.  Here, engineers and other specialists monitor and analyse the data in real time.

Additionally, Aeronautical telemetry is also essential for monitoring and controlling vehicles during flight. That’s because these systems ensure the safety and reliability of an aircraft.  Furthermore, post-flight analysis uses the information gathered through Aeronautical Telemetry Systems.  As a result, this improves future missions and helps develop advancements in the aviation and space exploration fields.

The Different Components of a Telemetry System

Telemetry systems require a large collection of devices and software to collect, transmit and receive data remotely.   The main parts of a telemetry system include:

  1. Sensors: Sensors measure physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow rate, etc. They also convert these physical quantities into electrical signals.  The telemetry system then processes these signals.
  2. Data acquisition system: The data acquisition system collects and processes data from the sensors. It consists of hardware and software components that capture, digitize, and transmit data to a central location.
  3. Transmitters: Transmitters send data from the data acquisition system to a remote location. They convert the digital data into a radio frequency signal.  The signal is then wirelessly transmitted.
  4. Receivers: Receivers transmit data from the telemetry system. They are usually located at a central control location where the processing and analyzation of the data occurs.
  5. Antennas: Antennas transmit and receive signals from the telemetry system. They capture and transmit radio frequency signals over a range of distances.
  6. Communication networks: Communication networks transmit data from the telemetry system to the central control location. These networks are wired or wireless.  They also use a variety of protocols such as TCP/IP, GSM, or satellite communication.
  7. Data processing and storage: The data received from the telemetry system is processed and stored for analysis. This includes data validation, filtering, and aggregation. The data is typically stored in a database or data warehouse for further analysis and reporting.

In summary, telemetry systems collect data from remote locations and transmit it to a central control location for processing and analysis. The components of the system work together to accurately and efficiently collect, transmit and process the data.

Our Range of Aeronautical Telemetry Products

Metromatics carries a range of Lumistar Aeronatuical Telemetry Products.  Lumistar specializes in the design and manufacture of telemetry systems for a variety of applications.  This includes aerospace, defence, automotive, and industrial. Lumistar also offers data acquisition systems, antennas, telemetry transmitters and receivers, and telemetry accessories.

Lumistar has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing telemetry systems.  This means they have a wealth of expertise in this field.  They produce high-quality telemetry systems that are reliable and durable.  To ensure this, products undergo testing to ensure they meet rigorous industry standards.  Additionally, Lumistar also only uses the highest quality materials and components.

Lumistar is constantly pushing the boundaries of telemetry technology.  In fact, they are known for creating some of the most compact and portable telemetry systems on the market.  All of this means you can rest assured you’re getting the latest and most advanced telemetry systems on the market when you choose one of our Lumistar products.

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