Autonomous Vehicle Servers

Autonomous Vehicle Servers

This innovation article about Autonomous Vehicle Servers titled “AV Servers for Edge Environments” was written by our US partners, The Crystal Group.  To read the original article click, here.

Firstly, we believe it is important to share this type of content.  As it highlights the natural progression from rugged computing hardware to autonomous product solutions that Crystal Group has undertaken. Secondly, products are used in unpredictable and harsh conditions.  Such as in areas of Military, heavy construction equipment to Oil and Gas rigs.  Let’s learn how they have developed suitable products for the Autonomous Vehicle Market

Let’s get into it!

For many years, the Crystal Group has been successfully supplying rugged computing hardware and servers to Industrial and Defence markets.  As the equipment manufactured operates in the most demanding of environmental conditions.

However, over the years technology has advanced with the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.  But the computing challenges have increased.  It is now a critical combination of robust compute power with rugged, reliable physical assets.  This is exactly what Crystal delivers. Therefore, this makes sure that autonomous military ground vehicles, submarines, aircraft, mining machinery and trucks continue to operate perfectly regardless of the conditions.

Jim Shaw the executive vice president at the Crystal Group stated “Accurate, real-time situational awareness of an 80,000 pound autonomous semi moving down a highway at 70 miles an hour or a weaponised military autonomous aircraft can’t be compromised by even the slightest disruption, whether it’s rough terrain, supply voltage variation, shifting climate conditions or sever weather”.  He goes onto say “Our rugged solutions integrate leading-edge inference engines and compute capabilities with  power, stability and security.  The result is intelligent operations optimised for safety and efficiency”.

So how do Crystal Group deliver Autonomous Vehicle Servers?

Firstly, Crystal Group can bring reliable AV functionality to the edge.  This is by their ability to include robust NVIDIA GPUs into the system.  The GPU’s process and prioritise data for comprehensive situational awareness with critical advanced thermal management designs. Another important consideration is managing the heat in a power hungry AV system requirements is critical to prevent systems from failing.

Finally, greater public awareness and government support for autonomous passenger and public transportation vehicles is being considered.  Large investments made in AV technology across the industrial and Defence markets.

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